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ky family photographer in home and fall at shaker village

Years have gone by since one of my favorite fall sessions ever. I’ve been holding onto it to share and here I am, finally sharing it. Y’all…while am not even digging the new little bit of cold we have today, there’s just something about those fall colors and the nostalgia that surround them that gets me every year. This is probably the most “fally” session ever. You cannot beat Shaker Village in early November (or late fall, depending on the weather). Add in a family that is so full of love and joy, you pretty much have a photographers dream session.

We do what we got to do to make the session work. When their session started in home, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. Then, just as we were wrapping up the in home portion and about to head out into their backyard, the storm clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall. Not a bit of rain on the forecast or on the radar when I was on my way to their home. So, we did what we had to do, and rescheduled the second portion of the session. I always tell client friends not to worry because a session always turns out the way it was meant to. If that hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have done the second part at Shaker Village, nor would we have had such vibrant fall colors. I remember the way I felt leaving Shaker Village that day, after good bye hugs. My heart felt full. I love it when I have that feeling. I often have it at the end of sessions.

I’ve had the honor of photographing this family since D, their oldest, was just barely a toddler. Momma always gets everything just right before the session, but is never tied to perfection or anything being just so. She and F just focus on loving their family. The littles get to be themselves. They are fun and silly and oh so sweet and love each other dearly. Every inch of their home and their lives is filled with love. It’s in the slow cuddly moments and the chaotic moments. It’s all around. One thing I notice as I watch them from behind my camera is how much they appreciate this gift they’ve been given and truly soak it in. That nearly takes my breath away.

So much love,


PS…there’s still time to reserve your love filled fall session and have everything you need for Christmas gifts! If you connect to the joy and love in these images and would like to have your own family captured in this way, just contact me by clicking HERE and we will get started planning your session!

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lifestyle family photography on honeymoon island

I could feel the gentle breeze from the Gulf and the sand from Caledesi Island between my toes. I could hear the sound of the waves and our kids playing in the water. I looked over and smiled as I saw them all talk about politics and football. I relaxed back in my chair, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath to breathe it all in and let it all out as a sigh of gratefulness. My best friend. Her husband who I watched her fall in love with way back in high school (and who is also one of my greatest friends). Her parents that I adore. The love of my life. Her kiddos, that I love like my own, loving my sweet baby boy that I had waited so long for. In one of my most favorite places. I knew, in that instant, this was one of my happiest days. One of those days I will always look back on. It was simple. It was us. It was perfect. I wondered if there was anything more perfect than being at the beach with those in your inner circle.

I can’t remember if it was before or after that day when we did their family session, but I remember, right at the end, distinctly remembering how happy I was for these people I love so dearly. Watching Andrea look at Brad…high school sweethearts. I’ve seen them at their best and at their worse. And here they are. In love. I watched Andrea as she full body laughed at me and Brad. I saw how she looked at Brad. How she loves him truer, deeper, today than she did all those years ago. I saw the person she had turned into. The same person she has always been, but somehow even more well worn into her own skin…comfortable…herself. Yet, she has always been those things. It’s hard to explain. I looked at her mom and dad and how they loved each other and their little family. How they have always been the most “normal” family I know (which…knowing them…they are laughing as they read this). Then there’s J & B. Their littles that aren’t so little any more. That I have watched grow into these joyful, heartfelt, kind, passionate, empathetic, feisty, loving, strong, kiddos that love and talk to their parents. Every single one of these people I love so much somehow are getting better and better with every year that passes. I am not exactly what I did in life to deserve having a best friend like this, but I am thankful for it every single day. The funny thing is, life has us so busy that connecting these days is hard. We have always gone through periods of connection and periods where we barely talk, yet, I have never felt like a thing has changed negatively towards us. I tease her that she needs to remind every one that I am her best friend or that she needs to text me every now and then just to say that very thing. But, truly, I know that no matter how many days we go without seeing each other and talking, the truth remains, she is my best friend and I hers. Right, Andrea? ;) I am just waiting on the day we can be neighbors. However, I’m sure it won’t be until a beach is involved.

Do most grown ups talk about their friends like this? Just me?

Andrea has been there to tell me everything is going to be okay since fourth grade when I cried on the last day of school because I just knew nothing was going to be the same as we went into middle school. And as I cute my bangs incredibly short in high school. And as I cried as we graduated high school. And as I cried on her wedding day. And when I cried as I struggled with infertility. And as I became a momma. And as I struggled with depression and anxiety. And every other big event since high school (we were not yet best friends in 4th grade but she does like to remind me of how I cried on that day). She has also had to tell me to take up for myself an equal amount of times. Thank you Andrea. Thank you.

So much love,


PS…Would you love family pictures like this of your most special people? You don’t have to be my best friend for us to get love filled pictures like this! You can book your session or ask any question you may have by contacting me HERE. I cannot wait to hear from you! xo

5 reasons we should all invest in family photos every year | family photographer in lexington ky


why we should all invest in annual family photos

It happened. Last year was the first year our family skipped on family photos. Sure, I take lots of pictures, but not nearly as many as you would think. You know how I kinda go silent on here when things get crazy? It’s the same with my camera in our home and in our lives. I don’t pick the camera up nearly as much…not even the one on my phone. I thought it would be okay to skip just one year. It had been a bit of “a year”…you know the ones. Sure, I suppose it’s okay, but when I think about that year, I overwhelmingly feel the sadness. I have very little to look back at to remember the joy with. Now, I would think it was simply because of the kind of year it was. However, I remember how hard the first year of becoming a momma was, but when I look back at photos and see the things we did…the way we loved one another…and the way we were seen through our photographers eyes…I remember all the joy so so deeply. Now, I feel so passionately that I want it all captured. The good, the bad, and the beautiful. It doesn’t have to be a big full session every year. But, here are the reasons why I truly believe we should all invest in family photos every single year when at all possible…

1. Because your family’s love story…the way you love…won’t look the same in ten years…or next year.

Seriously…how many times do you say “it all goes by so fast”? I know I find myself saying it at least once a week. It actually drives me a little crazy. The thing is though, it DOES all go by so fast. We never know when it’s going to be the last time they ask for a snuggle or ask us to lay down with them or when that little gap in their teeth will be gone or when they’ll stop wearing crazy mix matched socks or when their hair will no longer be curly or…well…you get the picture. It doesn’t just change every three or four years. It changes every single year…right before our eyes…sometimes without us even realizing it.

2. The experience…taking time out of our day to day schedules to celebrate & love our family.

Let me first speak to you about the way a photo session can be. Imagine your family hasn’t had a rushed day. You have been calm and laid back about what everyone is going to wear. The kids know they are going to play with a dear friend that will also be taking their pictures. You’ve written little notes or just thought of what you love most about each of your family members. You’ve planned a little outing as a fun experience after the session. Your kiddos are rested and fed. You arrive to the session (or better yet…the photographer arrives to you) and you just take the time to enjoy your family…as they are. Calm…chaotic…wild…snuggly…and whatever else they may be. You tell each person in the family how they are loved. You snuggle with them as you normally would. You smile and laugh at the things you are anxious about. You just go with it. It’s a celebration of your family…as you are…on that day in time. Recently a friend was hiring me to do their photos for the first time and they said “well, I hope they behave better for you than they have our last photographer”. Honestly, that made me so sad for them and for our industry, but I know the feeling oh so well. Sometimes, the experience isn’t as great as you’d like, but what if that’s not the way it has to be. What if there’s another way? What if we could all take a deep breath and let them just be. Don’t stress over what to wear and run around hectic the day of the session.

3. Tangible proof of the joy & love of their childhood & the way they were always loved.

I’m going to admit something to you. I have photos all over my walls…of when Steff was a baby and toddler, but barely any of recently. Gosh…how life gets away from us. Even worse, I have an album full of my time pregnant and his first few months, but none of the years since. You know what he thinks? He thinks we were happier when he had curly hair because there aren’t pictures on the wall of all that joy from the years after! Geeze Louise, kid. Make a momma feel bad. The thing is, those years, the “curly hair years”, had just as many ups and downs as the years after. But he is surrounded by prints of him laughing with curly hair…us snuggled up with his curly hair. When we are right in the middle of the messes of today, it can be hard to remember how happy we really are. But if we surround ourselves with proof of that joy, it makes it just a little easier.

4. To see our family & ourselves through someone else’s eyes…to see the beauty in it all…especially when we have a hard time seeing it.

This can literally be life changing. To see ourselves as beautiful when we aren’t feeling so. To see our family as joyful when we are so surrounded by the chaos of every day. When we are covered in the muck of anxiety…depression…fear…comparison…goals of perfection…it can blind us to what’s really there. But when you can see yourself and your family through someone else’s eyes and see all that beauty…you are reminded that it is always all around you.

5. The one worthy investment to pass down for generations to remember our past, tell our story…hold on to our legacy.

I remember so clearly the days sitting at the foot of my Mommy’s bed and looking through her old trunk filled with pictures and other keepsakes from our family. I remember holding these old, wrinkled, black and white photos in my hand and seeing how happy they all were. They grew up in poverty, but they were happy. They were beautiful. I connected with the way my nose looked just like all of my aunts. My forehead, like my Grandpa Boone’s. There is not one thing you can pass down that can tell your love story, can hold your legacy, like photographs can. Not the car or the furniture or even the other keepsakes.

So much love my dear friend,


PS…the key factor in all of this is finding a photographer that not only captures the way you look, but can also capture the feeling…the connection…the true love story. If you are still looking for a photographer for this year’s photos, I would love to be the one. There are just a handful of sessions opened before the holiday cutoff. I’d love to hear from you! You can begin reserving your session HERE.