hi, friend!i’m Cilla Baierlein!

I am a loved, incredibly imperfect, storyteller of life, love and joy. I just happen to be a photographer to some of the most genuine and beauty filled people I know. My passion is showing others just how loved they are. I am a believer in God and that still small voice inside all of us...in love...and grace...and hope...in stories...the power of a good hug and a "me too"...oh...and not to mention...a good kiss. I’m also obsessed with my sons snuggles, my husbands laugh, seeing the way different families love, yoga pants, pony tails, pasta, audio books, my garden, looking at house plans on pinterest, and guiding others to choose love in every moment.

I should probably warn you…I stumble over my words a LOT. I apparently rarely get the melody right to songs. During a photo session you will hear “cuddle up” and “love” and “just hang out” or “just be” possibly 20 times…each. I often end my emails with xoxo or love and that may be annoying (but probably not as annoying as all the “smiley faces” that will surely be in the email). I may encourage your kids to jump on the bed. I really do love you already…probably…well maybe…okay…yeah…I do. Speaking of…there’s a good chance I’ll hug you at the end of the session…maybe at the beginning too.

images of me by my talented friends, Meredith Dickens PhotographyStacey Woods Photography | Videos by my talented friend Marissa Lea Films