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So, here's the thing. I just want to show you how loved you the special way that only you and your family loves. Love looks different for everyone. The hugs are different, the laughs are different, the tears are different, the daily beauty filled mess is different. I want to show that. I not only want to show that, I want you to marvel at it for the rest of your days, I want your kids to sit around telling funny stories with these images in hand and say "we were loved", I want them to see a photo of your hug and remember how it felt, I want you to look at these images and remember how it felt for your little to wrap their sweet little arms around your neck for a bear hug. I want you to see, feel, remember your love. That's it. That's the magic. That's where I see and feel God and I just want to be close to it just like I want to be close to the ocean as often as possible.  

This is me…

I should also warn you...

I stumble over my words a LOT | I apparently rarely get the melody right to songs | I am a terrible passenger | I have a terrible weakness for Pepsi | during a photo session you will hear “cuddle up” and “love” and “just hang out” or “just be” possibly 20 times…each | I often end my emails with xoxo or love and that may be annoying (but probably not as annoying as all the “smiley faces” that will surely be in the email) | I may encourage your kids to jump on the bed | I really do love you already…probably…well maybe…okay…yeah…I do | speaking of…there’s a good chance I’ll hug you at the end of the session…maybe at the beginning too | we may become life long friends | I LOVE run on sentences...and to ramble.

Click on each image below if you'd like to read a bit more about me...nosey pants...

images of me by my talented friend, Stacey Woods Photography


the experience.

The story of the way your family loves and moves through life is a beautiful one, on the easy days full of laughter, in the hard days full of tears, and all the days in between...the extraordinary and the seemingly mundane. Life is beautiful, even when it's not. 

Before we meet I will find out the things that make your family joyous and what you want you and your children to always remember. When we meet, my goal is to photograph those things and everything I see in your family that makes my heart go pitter patter. 

You’re invited to love out loud with your hugs, tickles, kisses, cuddles, laughs, by playing, by singing, by dancing, however it is that you love your family. There's no need for super posed photos or saying "cheese". Your job at the session is to relax, play, love your family. 

I love when we can actually keep the focus off the camera for most of the session. It can be fun to plan an activity. It can be as simple as fixing and eating breakfast. Something your family loves. I love when I get to join you in the heart of your home, where you live and love for at least a portion of the session. Then we can continue at your home or go to another nearby location. There's always a chance I'll ask you to do something that seems everyone standing on the couch or in a field of tall grass. Just go with it and it'll be completely worth it. 

With all of this said, it doesn’t mean that we never have tears or bickering siblings. What do we do? We relax, roll with it, and smile.

Why do I believe so passionately in photography done this way? Because I believe this is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give our children. For them to be able to look back at pictures from their childhood and see and truly feel what that time…that moment…that place…that snuggle…was like and how much they were loved. What do we look at and hold onto to remember our pasts? Pictures or videos. That’s it. The best part…they will show their kids…and their grandkids. The love just continues on. 

the investment.

All inclusive session collections were created to not only simplify things, but also to ensure that your images stay together and your story is told throughout the generations. I want for you to walk away with all of your images, they belong together and tell your family’s love story. I also want you to walk away with the highest quality album and/or prints so you and your loved ones can snuggle on the couch, with these images in hand, remembering all the love…the joy…the hard times…and all the beauty.

first $200 of balance due to reserve session | 1/2 remainder due at or before session and 1/2 due when images are ready

the signature session.

Signature sessions are those sessions that most have experienced over the years. Your signature session features a custom shoot at your home, both indoors and outdoors, and/or another lovely location around central KY. Between 40-60 images featuring detailed, artistic processing, presented to you in a private online gallery and slideshow for sharing with friends and family. Sessions typically last 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and longer for newborns, and are held on Saturdays and select week days. Ideal for families, newborns, just the kiddos, couples, seniors.

the day in the life | birth.

I become a part fo your day. I hang out, play, and photograph everything along the way. Any time in your childs life is perfect for this type of session. Don’t have a day when you’re home all day? That’s okay...I’ll come to sports practice, band practice, tball games, grocery shopping, dances in the kitchen, bath time, I’ll be there for every bit of it. Sessions last 5-8 hours and are held on Saturdays and select week days. Includes pre-session consultations via email or phone, documentary photography capturing the beauty of your every day, detailed post production of 100-200 images, private online gallery and slideshow to view and share. Ideal for families, births, those who want to capture all that encompasses their beautiful…perfectly imperfect day, travel/vacation.

the mini session.

Please inquire for mini session dates and locations.

Mini sessions are offered a few times a year at favorite central KY locations. Dates and locations are predetermined by Priscilla. Sessions last 15-20 minutes for immediate family members only. A mini session is perfect if you've recently had a signature session and would love new images to mark a milestone. Or perhaps you're a friend of a client who wants to get a small taste of what it's all about. While our mini sessions cannot compare to the completely custom experience of a signature session, they are the perfect choice for many situations.

What about the mini session + signature session combo? This option is perfect for a maternity and newborn session. Would you like to mark babies first year? Purchase two of these to do mini maternity, signature newborn session, mini six month session, and signature one year session.

All sessions...

*online gallery, slideshow, and ordering cart to view, share, and purchase images, as well as download any purchased files

*optional proofing/ordering session in your home or over the phone

*session fees are due within 7 days of booking to hold your date and lock in prices

*covers immediate family members only | $25 for each additional person outside of immediate family

*travel fees may apply for sessions 1 hour away from zip code 40444 (please see below for more travel info)


a la carte prints & digital files

Along with collections, I also offer high quality prints and high resolution digital images a la carte. Prints a la carte start at $35.



featured love note.

"On most days and to most people, the images that Priscilla captured are just photographs.  Beautiful, well-framed photographs.  They show my children's soft skin and big eyes, my husband's stubble and smile lines, and my hands which have become my mother's hands.  They are treasured images of the funny little artifacts which make up our lives:  rain boots, plastic giraffes, and the chipped pitcher for the milk on the breakfast table.  Naturally, we enjoy these images now ('Look, Mommy!  Priscilla took a picture of our puddle.  When do you think it will rain again?  Our puddle will come back, won't it?').  Surely, we will enjoy them more in the future when our paths diverge from under the single roof of our family home.  These oh-so-long little days will not last, and I will think, 'Here is one among many, but what a magnificent day it was!'

On other days and to me, this collection is something else entirely.  These photographs were taken on a day in a season when I was feeling broken.  As the session grew closer, I was less certain, nervous even, about inviting a camera into our home to capture any of it, but I am so glad that we did.  So much was revealed by the unguarded lens of Priscilla's camera and the fearless editing that she accomplished with her keen eye and her warm heart.  She stripped away any pretense and the part where we were, in my mind, just barely holding on.  She left what we are.  Here are the quiet places at the heart of our home and the gentle rhythms which are the source of our well-being.  Because of the nature of the day and her time with us, they are not fantasy, even though sometimes I think they must be.  Since Priscilla does not bear the burdens of our hang-ups and our history, good and bad, the images are faithful.  Some are brutal.  Most are kind -- kinder than I ever am to myself as a wife or a mother. Can that love be real?  Can it be mine?  Am I worthy of it?  When I told Priscilla that in an email, she wrote back to me almost immediately:

'I see you.  I really see you.  And it is.  And you are.'  

It is that simple.  It is.  I am.  We are.  Every one of us."

  • Mary Ann


The truth is, we never feel like we have it all together. I held myself back for years…”when I have it all together THEN I will help others do the same”, but the truth is I, my business, my family, my life, is all a beautiful masterpiece always in the making…a work in progress. Then I realized I have a lot to share and give without having it ALL together. I have this great passion for encouraging others to pursue their dreams. I can hear it in their words. Wanting someone to give them permission to chase it. Really, we all have a lot of the answers inside of us, we just have trouble seeing them and creating a plan because it’s all so overwhelming. Trust me, I find myself constantly having this problem and it is the precise reason I’ve held myself back from helping others. But an outside perspective can see things I can’t see for myself.

So, how exactly can I help you? Some topics I feel particularly suited for…finding your why, creating a mission statement, designing the life you desire, boutique service business model pricing and strategy, photographing love filled families, social media, branding, starting a photography business (may also be applied to other boutique service businesses), finding your style, blogging, and more. We will start with finding out exactly what you’re looking for and I will be honest about whether I feel I can help you or not. We will make sure we are the right fit before moving forward.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Please click the “learn more” button below to contact me for prices, etc.


you had me at hello.

Hello my love! I am so excited to get started on your session and begin a beautiful friendship! I get to photograph love near Lexington, KY & the rest of beautiful Central KY, but am also available for travel world wide (oh yeah). Family sessions are usually done in home & your favorite lovely location (give me a patch of pretty light & you've got yourself a lovely location). 

Now, I cannot wait to hear from you! Contact me with the form below & you'll hear back from me during morning office hours M-Th (usually within 24 hours, but may change during the crazy...I mean...busy seasons).

You may also contact me at...

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