well, hello there 2018 | central KY lifestyle photographer

Hi, friends! Let's pretend, for a moment, we are seeing each other for a quick hot chocolate (much more fun than coffee...right?), or lunch (sushi anyone?), or a glass of wine or two (although...honestly...after one glass my cheeks go numb so we might need to stick with the hot chocolate or sushi). It's been so long since I've seen you! Big giant hugs (I give great hugs, if I do say so myself)! Now, how are you!? Really...how are you? What is bringing you life these days? For me, knowing that spring is here (although in hiding I do believe) is absolutely bringing me life. Here's what happens every year...October through December are crazy cakes (like the earning half of my revenue in the last quarter of the year kinda crazy). January arrives and I go into hibernation...then comes February...and then goes February...and comes March and I start to peek my head out. Still cold? I go back into hibernation. Okay...possibly a slight exaggeration. I do shoot a little. But, for the most part, I am wrapping up the previous year and preparing for the new year. While we are now a few months into 2018, to me, it seriously feels like it's still January. How are we almost to April!?! But, oh goodness, thank the Lord...y'all I am ready for warmth. I like to imagine I'm one of those people with the philosophy of there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. I just can't do it. I'll blame it on my bones...they don't like cold. My husband and I have a constant thermostat battle. I am in three shirts, including a hoodie, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers. He and Steffen are in shorts and a t-shirt. Absolutely zero exaggeration. They are crazy (not me...of course). 

So many years have passed since I've been consistent in my blogging. This pains me. I LOVE to write. I love to share stories from life and from all the families that welcome me into their lives, but I just haven't found a way to make it work on a consistent basis. For those of you who have stayed around from the beginning, bless you and thank you. I have had the best of intentions and I continue to have faith that one of these days soon I will be chatting with you weekly, at the very least. For now I will just have to show you some of my absolute favorite images from last year. But first...

TOMORROW I will finally be sending out the Spring newsletter, which will include MINI session locations and dates. Some of you may recall that mini dates were announced at the end of last year (without specific locations mentioned). There are now only a couple spots open for SPRING MINIS happening next month. To be among the first to receive special announcements such as this and other little loves notes on a quarterly to semi monthly basis I would love for you to subscribe to our newsletter below. Just a little secret between us...this fall will mark a very special milestone for Priscilla Baierlein Photography and I am dreaming of some special way to celebrate. :) 

Now...how about just a few favorites from 2017...


Love...I just cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for you and chat more as the year goes by...it IS going to happen. I am so thankful for you. 

So much love,


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