Travel sessions & a little schedule update

Side note...this post is just a little business/"house keeping". I'm sure you've noticed by now that I have made my way to your in box more often or noticed an increase in Facebook and instagram posts. I am trying to revive my little slice of internet space. My goal is to serve. With words, encouragement, love filled images, stories, and just a tiny bit of business updates. I want this to be a place for love. I am imperfect and may not always accomplish that, but that is the goal. With that in mind, I am figuring out how often to blog. What serves you? Right now, the plan is once or twice a week at the most. While leaving Instagram for the more day-to-day stuff. I don't want to be just more noise in your life. So, you tell me, what serves you best? While you're at it, is there something in particular you'd like to see me post about? 

First things first (for some reason I always want to say "I'm the realest" after that...thank you Iggy Azalea), a little schedule update...

-I leave Friday for my great Tuscany adventure and will be gone until the 30th. Safe travel prayers GREATLY appreciated. 

-I have a handful of June spots open before I leave for Florida for two weeks

-After the first week of July, things are pretty open, as is August (my slowest month) and September

-October is already booking up with the most popular dates completely filled

-Starting in August, my shooting days will be Thursday morning/evening, Friday morning, and Saturday morning/evening. 


Live outside of KY and would like for me to photograph your family? Going on vacation and want to be IN the pictures? This can happen one of two ways...

You can pay for me to fly (or drive, depending on the distance) there and photograph your family only for a Day in the Life session


If you have a few other families that may be interested please let me know because I will be adding a couple different locations to my calendar each year (and this opens your options up to a Signature Session as well and cuts down on cost with travel as it will be split between the sessions)


* Tampa Bay area in FLORIDA (Clearwater, Dunedin, Tampa, and everything else within 45 minutes of Dunedin) June 26th-July 7th

* Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA September (specific date TBA)