Playing catch, wrestling, snuggles, and roasted marshmallows | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Georgetown, KY Lifestyle Photographer}

Oh a sunset session that ends in playing catch with Dad, wrestling with mom, and everyone eating roasted marshmallows? Yes, please. I am always so amazed at how families let down their guard and let love and playfulness override any awkwardness they may at first feel in front of the camera. I have to say that I've been photographing them for a long time and M is the easiest kiddo I've ever photographed. It's not just his blue eyes and cute little freckles, but he's hilarious, and silly, and all boy, and adores his parents. Absolutely adores them. And, well, they adore him...needless to say.2014-10-07_00232014-10-07_00212014-10-07_00172014-10-07_00182014-10-07_00192014-10-07_00202014-10-07_00312014-10-07_00302014-10-07_00242014-10-07_00252014-10-07_00262014-10-07_00272014-10-07_00282014-10-07_00292014-10-07_00322014-10-07_00352014-10-07_0036 2014-10-07_00342014-10-07_00332014-10-07_00442014-10-07_00422014-10-07_0041