Water Guns and Super Heroes...that's what boys are made of | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

A summer evening full of warmth, golden light, big laughs, big hugs, tiny hand holding, and sweet conversations with friends. This was the perfect evening. If you've been following this blog for a while, then you may know my friend D. I've photographed her family many times. We briefly started a blog together (alongside two other friends). She helped inspire my running. She has been one of my most joyful, loudest supporters. She pushes me and encourages me in life, in photography, as a momma, as a "runner", and as a friend. She found me through a mutual friend at the beginning of my photography career. It wasn't until I shared my soul when we found out we may never have a baby (thank goodness that all worked out) that Dawn shared more of her soul with me. We quickly became great friends. She thought for sure I would think she was weird and I thought she was perfect. I am not much for small talk. I like big talk. Important talk. Meaningful talk. I like warm hugs (I've been watching too much frozen)...and it better not be a pat hug...and even kisses on the cheek. I like soul. Things with heart. Dawn is that. She is all heart. And well, her boys...her boys mean the world to her and are quite incredible. Her love balances her. Her kiddos balance each other. They are hilarious, strong, rough and tumble, sweet, and kind. They are cuddles, fights, light sabers, water guns, super heroes, teenage mutant ninja turtles, soccer, baseball games, football jerseys, reading in bed, mommas baby boy, and daddy's little man. I am so honored that I get to witness all this love and even better that I get to photograph it. I'm so thankful that God brought our paths together years ago. I can't wait to see what the future holds. 2014-08-01_00112014-08-01_00122014-08-01_00132014-08-01_00142014-08-01_00152014-08-01_00162014-08-01_00172014-08-01_00182014-08-01_00192014-08-01_00202014-08-01_00212014-08-01_00222014-08-01_00232014-08-01_00242014-08-01_00252014-08-01_00262014-08-01_00272014-08-01_00282014-08-01_00292014-08-01_00312014-08-01_00322014-08-01_00332014-08-01_00352014-08-01_00362014-08-01_00372014-08-01_00382014-08-01_00392014-08-01_00402014-08-01_00412014-08-01_00422014-08-01_00432014-08-01_00442014-08-01_00452014-08-01_00462014-08-01_00472014-08-01_00482014-08-01_0049

Peace and so much love,