Last Minute Golden Rod Sessions | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Photographer}

Remember this from last year? Now this year...I have access to a full field of this beautiful beautiful flower...weed...flower rod. Ya'll I am so excited. There are a couple fields in Nicholasville that I admire every single time I drive by and never have the nerve to find the owner to ask permission. Today after, um, driving by the fields over and over and over again...definitely not stalking the fields...nope...not at all, I saw the owner standing outside and decided to just talk to him and ask. Since these beautiful flower weeds will only be standing for the next week or so, I'm opening up weekday evening spots to fit in as many sessions as I can. If you would be interested in a Signature Session in a gorgeous field of this (did I mention it has a barn in the background and another field that is less overgrown and will perfect to mix the session up a bit), please email me asap at or give me a call at 859-792-6838.

I'm so excited!


Peace and so much love,