Between by Megan Whitmer | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Proud Friend}

I'm seeing a pattern here. Well, I have for the last 5 years. I absolutely am incapable of narrowing down a sneak peek to a reasonable amount of pictures. But, I want to tell a story and just can't do that with a few images. This story is about someone that is constantly referred to as "the coolest girl I know" by all of our friends. Now she will be referred to as "the coolest author I know". Have you ever had a friend who actually wrote a book and is actually working with a publishing company and editor and doing revisions and everything else that sounds cool about being an actual author? Oh yeah...and is actually being published? Yeah...I hadn't either...until now. Megan is funny...pretty much hilarious...awesome tweeter...has sweet dance moves...has red hair (which, that alone, makes her cool in my book) awesome a good true and authentic and genuine (do those all mean the same thing)...has a daughter who wants to be a writer just like her...another daughter who is completely silly and hilarious... and a hubby that makes her laugh (and makes me laugh too...even if he's not a hugger)...she is a incredible mom...oh and a incredible writer.

"Between" is a young adult fantasy and will be published in July 2014 by Spencer Hill Press. It's the first of a trilogy. You can see more about Megan at Visit her blog and read her story about 9/11. She's talking about my Bret in it and I was a basket case reading it.

The way she announced to all of us that she was, in fact, going to be published, may be one of my favorite videos ever. It made me laugh and cry. I'm so proud of my friend. You have to go watch it HERE.

Here's a little bit of what makes up her amazing amazing life...Side note: I'm a little nervous for Megan and her writer friends to read how terrible of a writer I actually am...aaaahhhhh


Left...nervous Megan...Right Megan getting the nerves out...


This...actual Megan.


All I hear when I see these next pictures is all of us adults laughing at L and E. They totally wanted to be in the pictures and didn't understand why mom and dad were taking pictures without them. But the best part is what they brought to the picture and how serious they were.


Megan...we love you!