High Heels and Boots

Prepare yourself for lots of pictures! I won't ramble much. There will be lots of sneak peeks this week...a few that are going to be HUGE posts. Hope you enjoy! I'm not sure if I've witnessed a wedding that brought together two families that already felt like one big family. It was one big happy party all day. It felt like everyone was already so comfortable with each other. There's no doubt that everyone was absolutely thrilled for a couple that are so incredibly in love and perfect for one another. Everything that day was just perfect. Everything was comfortable. There was no stress. It was just love.

Kelly trusted this awesome stylist so much that she told him to do what he wanted. I've seen his work before and it is perfection. He gets in a zone and gets it done. (Looking Glass LTD)

I'm not sure if there's anything about this day that describes Kelly better than boots and high heels. I think it also describes the wedding itself pretty perfectly.

Oh how I love her momma. They are both so loved.

Oh their Grandparents were all so much fun and so sweet.

This was her serious face. She couldn't keep a smile away.

The first she heard from him that day was a picture of him mowing their grass. I mean...what else would one do on their wedding day? I thought it was perfect Glenn. He is a good man...a romantic man...an honest man...a fiercely compassionate man (his momma says so)...a man that loves Kelly more than anything...a man that is so loved by everyone around him.

Could I really resist taking this and posting this?

The image she wanted more than anything was his face when he saw her walk down the aisle.

As a momma to a little boy, I loved that his momma was within arms distance during this moment.

Everything about this wedding involved family. Her Dad married them. :)

This was my instant fav.

Look at this handsome stud.

Peace and so much love to each of you.

Cilla xo