Back-to-School Minis...Itty Bitty Sneak Peek's more than an itty bitty sneak peek. I just had to share a few. Now, I'm not one for lots of props, but when I envisioned back-to-school minis, of course I thought of the vintage desk, globes, apples, etc. There are some photographers who have absolutely knocked that out of the park this year ( of my all time fav photographers did at Pinkletoes. She did it with an awesome twist and it's perfect.). I wanted to incorporate the feel that some of these props bring, but didn't want it to look like everyone else's. I LOVE globes. I'm currently collecting them and definitely wanted to include them in the session, but not the focus of the session. I haven't decided if I pulled off what I wanted to accomplish or not. I'm not sure if it looks like just a touch of back-to-school nostalgia or a back-to-school session that I didn't put my all into. Again, I wanted to keep it Cilla-ish, without a ton of props. I THINK what I needed were more globes. There are currently two I have my eye on for the right price. They would've been a nice addition. Maybe next year? Enough of my's a few of my favs.

I also have to add that the first little guy stole my heart. He wanted to be everywhere except in front of the globes. So, away we went. He held my hand and walked with me, wanting to play which I sucked. Then we got the bad guys with our swords. I think it was a little glimpse into my future. Later on his momma said they went to get ice cream as a "you did awesome" treat and he said "this rocks mom". Yep...he won me over. 

And...of course...some of my favorite kids on the planet. Steffen's best friends. I can just hear L saying Steffen now.

And L1 saying "Steff Dog"...

BFF's had been practicing and worked really hard pulling everything they wanted together. I do believe they did a perfect job. These girls have got STYLE.

I HAD to include this one. Perfection (on her part...not mine...:))

Glad they brought along their chalk board. I didn't have the heart to tell them they missed one letter. I thought it added character to the message.


Thank you all so much for coming out! I had a blast with each and every one of you. OH and a big thank you to Constitution Square in Danville, KY. They were so kind to let me use their brick walk way even while they had volunteers cleaning up. I just love that spot so much!

So much love,