Glimpses | Week 5 | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Child & Family Studies}

When I first took this picture, it was to mark a milestone of sorts. It was one of the first few nights we had skipped his 11:00 feeding. This meant when he slept, it would really be through the night (8ish to 6ish). I was happy...and I was sad. I wanted to go cuddle him up. Fall asleep with him in our big over sized chair. Instead I would settle for sneaking in and taking a peek. The first couple nights of skipping the 11 feeding, Steff slept completely through. He woke up each morning around 6 just as happy as could be. Greeting me with that beautiful smile and sweet little giggle. Then...well...I have no clue what happened. Our little buddy is putting up a good fight. I don't know if it's hunger or just missing us (we're pretty awesome), but after a brief attempt to get him back to sleep each night and a diaper change, I bring him to our bed for a snack and then back to the crib. Part of me wishes this meant he would sleep later in the morning, but another part of me is enjoying the early morning cuddles so much that I don't want to complain. We are exhausted. But there is nothing greater than bringing him in bed with us for his early morning feeding (if it's before 6 when he wakes up) and seeing the pure joy on his face. While he's eating, he will reach back to find Bret and give him a little pat. When he's finished, he will laugh and squeal. Then he'll grab my face and pull it to his and give me the best kisses. Then push my face away to look me in the eyes and smile and giggle. Best. Cuddles. In. The. World. I know every night we pray for him to sleep through the night (we ALL do better when he sleeps...he needs it as much as we do). I know eventually he'll sleep through every night and I will miss the middle of the night cuddles. Oh...just thinking about it makes me miss them. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the sleep also.

Side note...We have like 3 sheets on his bed. We have a sheet. An ultimate sheet. Another sheet. Then I felt like the sheet was cold, so I put down a warm blanket stuffed down in the rail like a sheet. Ridiculous. I know. And...I know bumpers are controversial (as is everything about parenting). We started with no bumper. Then he managed to move enough to get arms and legs caught in the rails (we would wake up to him crying). We then moved to a breathable bumper which we loved. Now that he's rolling all over the place, we like him having the extra padding to roll into. Plus we have a movement monitor (if he stops "moving" or breathing, it will sound an alarm) with video. Definitely not suggesting everyone go out and get a bumper, but it's what works for us and Steff now that he's moving about :)