Minis | Lexington, KY Maternity Photographer

Okay...I promise Steffen updates soon (I get the terrible Mom/Blogger award). Very soon. But I HAD to blog a few images from the September Minis. I knew the instant I captured this moment I would adore the image. From her two bottom teeth, to that big smile, and Momma's pure love and joy. I have a whole new love for Momma images.

And someone thought they couldn't do the serious face...

This is what happened when we got Momma on the ground. Miss Ducky (our nickname for S) is use to being the star of our photo shoots. I love the way she's laying back and posing :)

Another soon-to-be Momma of two. I hadn't seen this family since way back HERE.

You may have heard me say this a million times, but my favorite part of my job is watching families grow throughout the years. It amazes me. I can't believe how big their baby boy is. Oh and he is ALL boy. He kept running, falling, and turning to make sure we saw him "I fall in the grass again Daddy". You can tell he is so loved and SO much fun! The below series just melts my heart.

Did I mention all boy?

Peace and so much love,