Superhero | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Child and Family Photographer}

You know it's the PERFECT session when I call my best friend afterwards (yes much like a school girl) and say "We did this...and we did this...and then we did this." It was full of all the things I love about photography, about childhood, and about life in general. It's sessions like this that I remember back in college when I knew for a fact that I always wanted to work with kiddos. My favorite class in college was a child development class. We spent our days not only learning theories and all that jazz, but also childhood songs, books, and more. I can distinctly remember learning the look that a child gets in their eyes when they learn anything new or are just simply amazed by something. Everything lights up and you can almost see the "wheels" turning and their imagination just going crazy. Maybe not everyone notices this, but it is my favorite thing about children. M is all boy. Full of imagination, superhero admiration, jumps, spins, and mommy love. When talking about what to have him wear, I said that he could seriously wear his cape and undies (like in the picture on her facebook page) and it would be perfect. I was surprised and thrilled when she actually brought that. M was beyond thrilled as well. As soon as he put the cape on, the superhero came alive. He lit up and was in his zone. Note to any photographer out there...if you have a little boy who loves superheros, the shutter in your camera can easily be turned into a flapping cape with just a little suggestion of a superhero living inside your camera. Also, a chair can become a special spot just for superheros. My favorite line from the day....

Me: "M wait until you see my special chair that only superheros can sit in (I tried kings first but quickly realized I needed to go back to superheros.) I don't know though, are you a superhero?"

M: (With pure excitement in his voice) "I have a cape."

I giggled "Well, I guess you're a superhero then."

PS...if anyone knows his momma and you ever need tips on how to dress your little boy, go to her. Every single outfit was cool, stylin, and most of all...full of M's personality!

( took me longer to narrow down the sneak peek then actually posting it. I couldn't resist.)