Hopscotch | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Commercial Photographer}

I love having a best friend with two of the cutest kids. I need a model really quickly...she has two. As some of you may know, I have a display at the local children's boutique, Hopscotch. They have recently relocated, which provided the opportunity to add more and move things around! I immediately wanted new pictures of kiddos wearing their clothes. In comes B to the rescue! Although, I'm not sure she was thrilled about being a model once we got in the mist of all the games and rides, she was pumped about it while we were getting ready! Who wouldn't be with this adorable outfit! Hint, hint...all their summer clothes are 50% off! You will be reading much more about Hopscotch soon...very soon!  But for now, take a look at our fun fun night at the fair! If only you knew how difficult it was to get this shot. I invisioned a casual shot of her holding the cotton candy down by her side with the cute boots and skirt. Let's just say B was REALLY into the modeling. Imagine Vanna White, only showing off cotton candy instead of letters and new cars. I think it ended up quite perfect when I caught her in between poses!

Oh...and J couldn't have been any cuter! Seriously! I heard that the other superheroes shirt I conveniently left at their house, was worn for a couple days. "J-ey wear dis shirt"...then to bed...then the next day "J-ey wear dis shirt again". It melted my heart when Andrea told me. Pretty sure it drove her crazy, but I loved that something I gave him made him so happy :)

Besides very colorful pictures of the kiddos wearing cute clothes, I also invisioned very grainy black and white pictures...not for the store, but for us! These are some of my favs.

I couldn't go to a fair, at night, with out getting pictures of the rides with all their colors and lines :) The last is my absolute favorite!

Thank you Andrea for always being there when I need you...with models and with support and love.

Peace and much much love,