Favorites | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Newborn Photography}

I have to say, I am very excited to blog this session. Some of these are my favorite newborn images of mine. Little Miss H was the perfect little model. She was so sleepy that Momma and Dad said for me to not be surprised if they called me that night. My suggestion to all new parents...go get yourself a cheap heater fan and a sound machine from Target. That combination works miracles. Okay...I have to talk about that morning. You ever have just one of those mornings? One where you feel like nothing you do is going right and you MUST look like an unorganized crazy person? Well, the morning of this session WAS one of those for me. Including forgetting something important for the session and only remembering it after I had been driving for 15 minutes, driving back to get it, and having the wrong directions and driving aabout 15 minutes out of the way and having to turn around. Yes...all of that with one session. But THEN I got there and everything was magic. We were telling ourselves that the morning was so stressful that the session HAD to go well...right? Yes! Everything was absolutely amazing.

We've got some lucky parents here. Miss H is beautiful and so very loved. I'm sure by all who meet her. She certainly won me over.

Yep...you're right...that image above is one of my favorites ever. It makes me happy.

Peace and much much love,