Magic | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Photographer}

If I had to sit and create the *perfect* session, it would be EXACTLY like this one. Sure it started out with the kiddos crying, but that didn't bother me one bit. Once everyone was ready to go, it became, well, magical. I knew when Mary Ann completed the session agreement from the mini sessions in the fall that we would instantly be friends. After our first meeting I emailed Mary Ann and raved about how perfect they were. I loved their style, their easy going personalities, but mostly, their love for life and their on the way and one full of spunk. I was beyond thrilled when they requested to work with me all year. You will be seeing a lot of this gorgeous family in 2010! (they have taken advantage of discounted rate for mini sessions to record Mr. W's first year..starting with a full session and then minis spaced out through out the year) My love for them grew by a million after this last session. When I say it was magical, I'm not exagerating. We started off chatting at their home about small things and big things that had been going on in our lives. We did a few shots in their beautiful home that they are renovating. Then we strolled to Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate where wild flowers were blanketing the ground, and the beautiful evening light was shining through the trees. We spread out a quilt, while Ms. E showed me her skills on the guitar, as did her Daddy. We relaxed. I observed. They enjoyed being themselves. Probably the most beautiful part was enjoying a special moment between Momma and son with the amazing light flooding in behind them. I left with an after session high that I just can't describe. I loved what Mary Ann had to say the next day:

"It's so much fun to work with someone who is having we had a wonderful time yesterday evening, too. Both of the "littles" were exhausted after all of the excitement, though. E fell asleep on the porch swing where you saw her as you were leaving, and Will slept through the night. You don't mention that in your advertising, but that's priceless..."

Well, of course, with the perfect session, I can't narrow down the sneak peek. So enjoy!

I HAD to include these next two. Looks like someone's planning his take over of the world.