Happy Birthday My Love | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Loving Wife}

Happy 32nd birthday to my one and only. Today we all celebrate you. We celebrate your love, your strength, your sometimes inappropriate jokes, your very strong opinions and beliefs, your unwavering morality, your beautiful smile, your many soap boxes, your intellect, your desire to constantly learn something new, your love for life, your "OCD" (that I so often point out..lol), your ability to always take care of those you love, your gentle way of showing that love, your love for your community and your country and your team, your faith in God, the way you don't even think about serving either of them you just do it always knowing whats right, your passion for strengthening the minds of children and being there for the young men who look up to you, and everything else that makes you...you. I personally celebrate the many times you've turned off the lights when I've left every light in the house on, each night I come to bed and you pull me closer to snuggle, every dip in the middle of the kitchen, every time you come up and dance with me while I'm chopping vegetables for dinner (you know cause I cook ALL the time...can't get enough of it), every time I've seen you walking down the street with your coaching clip board and whistle coming home after practice, the passion in the hugs you give me when you're home, the many picnics in our living room floor, the evening you just hugged me and let me cry and be mad about not giving you a beautiful child with your eye lashes, the support you've given me with the business, all the times you've promoted me and been so proud when you've gotten home, the night I truly fell in love with you while sitting on my apartment deck, all your childhood memories that you've shared so fondly, our wedding day and our first dance, and mostly I celebrate our future...the days that we do not know of yet...the memories that are to be made....the love that is sure to strengthen through the years...okay and I'll even celebrate our disagreements and your need to have things a certain way...because those are reasons I love you as well. I write this all with tears in my eyes because you simply mean everything to me. I'm so proud of you. You constantly amaze me. Not to say that you never drive me crazy, but the craziness is certainly worth the amazement. Today, my love, we celebrate you because you deserve it. Thank you for bringing me in on the journey.

Love you...


So I don't have a picture from the spring where you don't have the beard. Guess I'll be taking a few pictures today :)