at peace | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Newborn Photographer}

When I said this couple could do anything they put their mind to, I was right. It was proven again when I visited last week and met little Mr.A. Parents for just over a week and they already seemed like pros. I adore being with families during this time. Every family is different. Some are happy, but stressed beyond measure. Some are just simply at peace (or hiding the stress very well). I love observing this and being in the mist of it. Often there are moments when I get the "at peace" feeling along with them. Those moments where you want to just breathe it all in. Rarely do I feel a family so "at peace" as this one. Don't get me wrong, I am often surprised at how well my clients handle everything...especially me being up in their space and moving their little one all about, but there was just something different. Of course, they were stressed. They were sleep deprived. Let me tell you, despite those things, they had it down. They approached everything as "I got this". I truly enjoyed every moment of it. Mr A was just so good for me. I have to admit, there were even a couple moments that I got all choked up behind the camera. Observing their relationship and bond. Nothing but pure, undconditional love here. Their house could burst with well as the amazing light that streams through everywhere! Another part that got me was at the very end of the session. We were sitting around chatting (sometimes I just can't shut up!) and they mentioned getting a book from me for every year of Mr.A's life, including his Senior pictures. I know I haven't talked about all the things I love about photography yet, but I'll give you a hint, this is number one. I have actually gotten teary (yeah...I'm a softy) talking about this very thing with Bret. The thought of forming these relationships and watching these children grow up. It's truly such an honor to me. That's why I wouldn't do photography any other way than I do right now. I'm not simply taking a few pictures and that's it. In most cases I'm forming relationships, making new friendships. All while recording your life moments and showing the art in your life. Wow...I so sound like a Halmark card right now, but...oh well...I mean it!

Peace and much much love,