mmm...cupcakes...oh and beautiful baby bump | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Maternity Photography}

First I have to apologize to those who subscribe to my blog and receive it through email. Videos don't normally make it through email and I completely left out the link for those who couldn't view the video in my last email.'s the link to the beautiful and very inspirational video  Don't you love meeting those people who can really do anything they set their mind to? I honestly don't think I've met anyone as talented as D. I didn't realize just how talented until I made it to their home. Let's see...both D and A are engineers; D decorates cakes and is VERY VERY good at it; she has quite the photographic eye; she had a large role in designing their amazing kitchen from scratch; and not to mention the beautiful interior design in their home. I'm sure there's many many more that I didn't learn of that day, but I have to say, I was very impressed. Especially when I left with four yummy cupcakes and told that I should let her know when I need a chocolate fix (Can I put you on speed dial?) 

{Insert subliminal message to all clients to have cupcakes for me at every session.}

I'm sure little Mr. A is going to be so talented like his momma and dad. He will be here so soon and everyone can finally find out what his name will be. I love that D and A have kept his name a secret. Friends and family know it will start with an A, but that's it. I feel so privileged that I know! I may be able to be bribed...

Thank you D and A for having me in your home and being so open to my ideas...even the ones that involved you going out into the freezing snow!


My absolute favorites...


Peace and love,


P.S. So, I have been made fun of by a nameless know who you are :)....for my "Peace, love and xoxo". Although I will fight and argue until I can't anymore, that I'm not doing this because of that, after some consideration, I am dropping the xoxo. That MAY be a little too cheesy :) But the Peace and love will be going no where! I mean...that's cool...right? I know...I were all so worried about where the "xoxo" went to.