An Engagement Story | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Danville, KY Photographer}

Ladies...when you hear this story, remember, he's taken, but I'm sure there are still a few good ones out there. John Henry called me a while back and I was so excited I almost cried. He wanted to include me on a very special surprise to his long time girlfriend Katosha. I just wanted to scream "yes...I'll do it!" as soon as he started talking! He began by telling me that Katosha has always wanted me to photograph their one day wedding and how he was planning on proposing...he even had the exact date he wanted to propose...and he wanted me there to photograph the whole thing! We immediately started planning one huge, well, lie to feed Katosha in hopes she would believe us! I contacted her and said there was this location in Danville that I had always wanted to do a session, but I could never talk anyone into and I would really love it if they would model for me (well, all of that was true). Okay...I made it sound better than that :) And as a gift for modeling for me, she could pick a location for the second half of the shoot. I wanted the proposal to happen in a place that was more them then the junkyard I wanted to go to :) Then we waited. Was she going to buy this? Did I make it sound believeable? I was so nervous! Well, she bought it! We then planned a beautiful session on July 3rd...oh and we said that was the only date I had open for a very long time and we had to do it then! The proposal was beautiful. We had the exact pose picked out. I would have Katosha in front so she couldn't see John Henry get on one knee. Then I would smoothly have Katosha turn around. It took a little bit for her to notice he was on one knee. She looked at him...thought he was posing....looked at me....then he said "Katosha". She looked back at him and said "what are you doing?" She couldn't believe it. It was amazing. I was so nervous I wasn't going to do this moment justice with my tears getting in the way. He had counted exactly how many days they had been dating and she had been waiting. It was so romantic. I think the most romantic part is that he listened and knew she would love to have these pictures to last forever and remember every moment of it. They are such a beautiful and happy couple. I know this is one that will also last forever...

I'll stop rambling and show some pictures. Here is the full slideshow of the day!

And some of my favorites :)