Well...here's another summer month that has come and gone. July was even more crazy than June! I have had so many wonderful shoots this month. Thank you to all my beautiful clients. This is going to be a quick blog with some sneak peeks with lots of pictures :) First is gorgeous little 3 month old Jack.

And the Ping's :) Some of my very first clients and some very fun friends :) Check out Abby's gorgeous eyes!

Oh...Momma needs some Chucks!

Little Miss Logan. The friendliest child I have ever met! I thought I was special when she plopped down in my lap and wanted me to hold her...until she almost got in the car with a lady on the street :)

Everyone knows that I think almost all pregnant women are gorgeous, but Angel has to be one of the cutest, tiniest pregnant people I've seen. I was so disappointed when I had some technical difficulties, but that does mean that you may get to see another blog of Angel and her beautiful baby belly! Here's just a few for now :)

Last, but not least, our beautiful little Talyn. This is one of the prettiest little babies ever!!! And she was such a good girl and slept the whole time for me :) I hope the night wasn't too sleepless. Here are just a few of my favs from the session.

I absolutely love the detail in the next picture.

Thanks all!


I will be doing an update soon about my holiday schedule. Details will come soon, but for now, just know that I will only be doing holiday sessions between September and mid-November. All orders needed for holiday gifts MUST be placed no later than the first week of December. If you are wanting to get a session before the end of the year, PLEASE let me know soon so we can set something up. I am already starting to book up :) Yay!