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Rawr! | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

You know a session is wonderful when it ends with a little one sitting on your lap helping take pictures of another little artist drawing in the beautiful sunset. It was full of lions and big rawrs and art and baby dolls and snuggles and laughter and tickles and hand holding while walking through tall grass. It was the perfect end to such a beautifully perfect day. I’m pretty sure I talked mommas legs off and kept the kiddos past their bed times. But, whew, my heart sure was full!


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Soon to be family of 4 | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Maternity Photographer}

Soon they’ll be a family of 4. I loved that momma wanted to savor and soak up and capture their last little bit of time as three. This reminded me of the moment Bret and I were walking out the door before going to the hospital to become a family of three. We stood in the door, breathed it in…and then left in a hurry with the next contraction.

I absolutely love maternity sessions. I know mommas don’t feel exceptionally beautiful, but they always are. Just look how stunning she is!


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Thoughtful | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Photographer}

Oh goodness…first, can we just take a second to look at those little pearls…so sweet! Another family that I have known for so many years. Since they were a family of 4 and their middle girl S was just a baby. I’m not sure that I know another family who all look so much alike. And I know that I’ve never had another session where the little brought up Jesus and we began a Biblical discussion. As G was running his fingers through the water he talked about how he wished he wanted to walk on the water like Jesus. I said that maybe we shouldn’t try that. lol. But then he started blowing me away with his Biblical knowledge. Things that I only recently started learning.

I have always admired just how sweet, loving, and thoughtful Momma A is. She came over and visited with me after I had Steff and while I thought I was going crazy. We have enjoyed lunches and talks and funny Facebook messages. Not only are her gifts always incredible and so thoughtful, but the wrapping is so perfect that I never want to unwrap it. Just another area that shows exactly how thoughtful she is. In every aspect of her life, she is thoughtful and kind. This family truly shines love and kindness and well, I am honored and thankful to know them!


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Adored | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Child and Family Photographer}

I have loved this family since the first time I met them three years ago. I still had Steff in my belly at the time and admired how they took on a newborn. How they already felt like pros to me. They call themselves a team and you can tell that’s exactly how they tackle the world. As a team. I was nearly in tears (okay…so apparently I can be a bit emotional) reading what B wrote in their session agreement. I could feel how much she loved her family. We were both nearly in tears at the beginning of the session just talking about the session agreement and what she had said. I want to share one of my favorite parts. When asked what they want their kids to remember about their childhood…”So much. The biggest and most important thing is that they were adored. I want to remember the spur of the moment trips down to the fishing pond or walks on the farm we live on; trips we took; holiday traditions that we have with the tree hanging, pumpkin carving parties, etc; but really I just want them to know they are adored and everything decision in life since the moment I heard a heart beat on an ultrasound in 2010 has been to try to shape the best childhood we could provide.” Yes…I couldn’t have said it more perfectly myself. And that’s what I see what I look at these photos. I see how much each person in this family is cherished and adored. They are loved.


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Sometimes there are tears in photography|Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington KY Photographer}

Let’s talk about this session…that whole weekend…my job in general. As I was photographing this family (who, by the way, I’ve photographed and loved since they were a family of three), watching them simply be…be themselves…be calm, snuggly, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, silly…and I start getting teary. Yes…tears on a photo session…from the photographer. Don’t worry…no one knew and it didn’t disrupt the session…no blubbering photographer at the shoot.

The thing is, something that many people simply see as taking pictures….no big deal…is so much more to me. It is truly an honor to stand in front of a family, with a camera in their face, and for them to completely trust me so much so that they just completely let down any guard they may have. I get to watch them just be. I get to watch them interact with each other. I get to watch the way they get each other to laugh and the way they snuggle in and the way their hands fit perfectly together. The way a child’s head fits perfectly under their mommas chin and into her arms. The way a Daddy can simply threaten a tickle and evoke a multitude of laughs. The way siblings can “get” each other in a way no one else can…the way they can make each other giggle and the way they can make each other scream. The way families just seem to fit. Even on their worse days…even when they’re stressed, running late, uncomfortable in front of the camera…they still fit. I can’t help but see God here. And I…I get to witness this and, hopefully, remind each of these amazing people that even on their worse days, they have this. They fit. No. They belong. They. Belong. Is there any greater gift in the world than that? This is why I love photographing families. God chose me to do this. I…I get to be a witness to THIS. Goodness…it kinda takes my breath away.

I found myself thinking about all of this as I watched them walk over the rolling hills of Central KY, in the spot my husband and I had our wedding reception, at a time in my life that I am truly in love with my job, and tears welled up in my eyes. I stopped. Took a deep breath to soak it all in. Whispered a thanks to God. And continued photographing this family that I love. What a beautiful day/weekend it was.


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