Model Call

You know, one of these days I will start a blog post with something different than "I'm sorry it's been so long...", but, it seems, that may be my now. This is my season of filled with love and snuggles and preschool pick ups and squeezing in a couple hours of work here and a couple there with a sprinkle of photographing beautiful families on Saturdays. Soon enough (August to be exact) I will have more hours to work and write and shoot and days filled with a later school pick up, but it will also be with less day time snuggles and probably more tears from this momma.  There was a time when I worried and stressed about getting in more work time and felt that I had to be and do it all and a failure when I didn't (honestly that still happens some days), but now-a-days I mostly take the season as it is. One filled with more silly preschool boy antics and less work (more delegating). There are times when I take on more work than I can handle and times when I give into more of the snuggles and superhero wrestling matches and stories filled with witches and dragons and big bad wolves. I am reminded every day (thank you Facebook Memories) of how quickly life goes each season passes and prepares us for the next. I remember the days of praying and dreaming of this life I have now. One I am thankful for every that I feel ill-equipped for every that will pass too quickly. So, for today, I say "hey...I'm sorry it's been so long...". But maybe one day I'll be in your in box so often you get tired of me :) Nah...I promise I wouldn't do that to you. For now...I am mostly blogging when there's something important and am trying really hard to squeeze in more, but will not make any promises. 

So...what's the important thing right now? There are a couple things, but for todays blog post, I am looking for some cute little models! This is my second year working with this beautiful new company, Piccoli Horse. You can check them out HERE. Your little would get to show up, get pretty little clothes to wear, and play with a cute little horse while I take their picture. Their images may be used on Picolli Horse's website and other marketing materials.

We are looking for boys and girls, ranging in ages 18 months to 6 years, and all different ethnicities. Siblings up to 8 years old can also be involved. Parents will also be welcomed in some of the shots :) We love the interaction between parents and littles (clothing won't be provided for parents, we just ask you to wear soft color clothing with no writing). We currently have two shoot dates. April 21st we will need just a few kiddos for a smaller session in Somerset and then April 22nd we will have our big spring session at Shaker Village. 

If you are interested in having your little one or little ones be my sweet little models, please email me at with which date you'd be interested in and some information about your child. 


2017 winter session special...not just for winter sessions...ends Friday

Hi, friends! I cannot believe it is DECEMBER! How has this year gone by so quickly? And how have months gone by since my last blog post? Remember that goal of blog once a week? It has been a wonderfully busy fall with so many love filled families in front of my camera. Once I DO start blogging again, I have so much to share! 

For now, 2017 plans are already under way. I've started booking as far into 2017 as October. And...don't tell anyone...but there may be a couple travel dates announced. If you live in a different state and think you may have two other families that may be interested in a session, do let me know as I'm planning my locations now! Eek! the fun part...


A Winter Session Sale! AND it's not just for winter sessions! Just go with it ;) I'm going to make this easy as possible. All you have to do now is reserve your spot by paying via one of the paypal links below. I will check in with everyone on a first come, first serve basis after the holidays are over to pick your date. This special price will end Friday, December 9th! Here are the details...

one 2017 Signature Session, including all final high resolution files with unlimited personal printing rights (at minimum 40-60 images)- $700 (plus sales tax, $550 savings!)

one 2017 Mini Session (calendar to come out in sessions are on specific dates and locations...calendar coming in January with a spring, fall, and possibly summer date to choose from)- $300 (plus sales tax, $100 savings)


Please let me know if you have any questions at all! I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for us all!

Peace & so much love,