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Y’all. I…forgot…HOW…to blog. It’s true. I came on here…so excited to finally…after much anticipation…blog…and I can’t work this d*** thing. I couldn’t remember my username…password…what I had written down was wrong. After going through the resetting of the password, I get on here…with excitement intact…and I can’t remember where to post…how to add an image…what I should call images these days. A mess (do people still say “hot mess” because that would probably be more accurate). But…grace…grace…grace….and…breath…and…

Now I’m blogging! Yay! I am not going to make any big promises of blogging every day or every week. That type of goal setting doesn’t work out for me because, well, life. And I am content with that. Grace. But, surely I can beat last years record of a whopping 4 (!) posts. There is so much reflection going into wrapping up 2015 and I can’t wait to share all of it with you, but for now…my 2016 schedule is set and up for booking (see info on that pretty little picture below)! One of the things that worked in 2015 was letting go of the monthly mini session. Instead I opted for a few mini session dates for the entire year and I loved the end result. This year I’ve decided to do the same…with adding in, you know, actually announcing said mini session dates. I am so excited about this year and what’s to come. I’m finishing up 2015 reflections and sessions and working on 2016 “goals”. As soon as it’s finished I hope to share it here. I love the beginning of a new year…even a new week or new day. I love how we are given chances to refresh and start anew. Okay…I’m busting at the seams to share, but I’ll try to contain myself until next week. For now…how’s something a little special for you my loves…


Sessions reserved with session fee before midnight on January 15th can use coupon code ‘love’ at the end of their session agreement to receive $100 off ANY session type.

To get your session reserved…

-See a break down of pricing and how sessions typically work, as well as the differences between each session type HERE.

-Pay session fee and complete session agreement HERE FOR SIGNATURE, BIRTH, AND DAY IN THE LIFE SESSIONS  or HERE FOR MINI SESSIONS.

-To get your date on the books, email me at (if you would like a specific date, I recommend checking that I have it open before reserving with session fee) or fill out this contact form HERE.



Peace and so much love friends,


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Well, hello there strangers! This year has gone by way too fast and I have only blogged a handful of times. I promise that will increase…eventually. Soon my plate will be a little less full and there will be a bit more time for this spot I love so much and sharing all these pretty pictures from this year and…um…the end of last year too.

More on that later. For now, I am breaking my silence for something special.

If you’ve ever walked into Baby Bundles you probably understand how overwhelmingly beautiful each and every item is. I have been working with these ladies for many years now (which seems unreal) and I can tell you that their hearts go into each and every detail. From choosing each precious item to place upon their shelves, racks, and walls…to the big birthday party they have each year.

This Saturday (August 29th) their birthday will be celebrated in a brand new location (2535 Nicholasville Rd, Suite 110). There will be lots of activities for the little ones. A visit from a special fairy with balloon animals, petting zoo, glitter tattoos, door prizes, but my favorite part is the “discount or donate”. Many of us have read the heart wrenching words of beautiful Bennett’s momma as Bennett fights the courageous battle with a rare form of  brain cancer. For one day only you can choose to discount your purchases by 20% or donate 20% to the “Blessings for Bennett” Foundation.


copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0319 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0316 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0315 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0317 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0318 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0320 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0321 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0323 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0324 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0322

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I am not one to usually complain about weather, unless I have to drive when it’s bad. But, I can say, that everyone in this house is absolutely ready for warm weather and all that goes along with it. There are few things I love more than the green green grass of spring, the beautiful blooms and wild flowers, the smell of a camp fire, hearing Steff and all the other kids in the neighborhood playing outside, being able to let Steff play outside while I fix dinner, all the garden dreaming, and getting to see so many of you!

You may have noticed that along with all of the other changes made recently, the mini sessions have changed a bit too. They are no longer monthly, but are now only being offered during the most popular months. As of right now, that is April, June, September, and October. Note that these are the months that the spots fill up quickly. You can see the mini session calendar at

Boyds Orchard is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot in the Spring, especially before they open. This is when the grass is a little taller, the rows of blooms from the apple trees are out in full force (depending on how the weather treats us), and little purple flowers and dandelions are speckled throughout. My favorite time there is sunset (the latest time…this spot to go first). Everything is golden and the colors just pop. And they have the cutest little gravel road. Usually we pick a spot and just let you and the kids play. Feel free to bring something the kids love…a blanket, a toy, a book, a tricycle, bubbles, or just a little quick picnic with fruits and a drink. It all sounds dreamy to me.

See the image below for details. Email me at or just go ahead and reserve your spot at

Peace and much love,




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I am a bit of a wonderer…a dreamer. Always have been and suspect I always will be. I have big plans and dreams. However, I feel myself always saying no. I have great intentions when it comes to these big dreams, but often let them sit there and gather dust. At least that’s the way it feeeeels. It feels like I am going through my day to day. Hectic life of two babies (a 3 year old and a business…yes the business totally counts as another baby), a beautiful husband, a home owner, a friend, and a planner. I want to live a life of adventure. Not always the big adventures. Sometimes small adventures like hiking through the woods (or to the other side of an island), other times big adventures like hang gliding (don’t worry…I’ve been told the dangers of such) or traveling to the other side of the world. Truth be told, I don’t think I always saw the small ones as adventures. Now a days an adventure can be going to Michlers with my son or going on a “treasure” hunt. I want to instill a thirst for adventure in him. I want him to see adventure all around. At 3 he certainly does see adventure. I burst with pride as he said “momma you wanna go on a benture (adventure) with me?” I quickly learned that the adventure was playing on his play set and moving between swing to swing and the slide and under the playset. I want that sense of adventure to always stay with him and be all around. I want him to see magic in every thing…in our day to day hectic lives. I want him to be able to slow down, breath it all in, and whisper a thank you to God.

Maybe that’s what God wants for us. To always see the world as an adventure. To love life deeply and passionately and adventurously. This past year I took time to learn about, well, myself. To learn why I feel the way I do some days and why I react this way or that way at times. To put words and names to these things. I spent the year basically healing…and that is a life long process. But I knew I wanted this year to be about the word YES…to say YES to what God lays in front of me…to say YES to that little voice in me…to dare greatly…to be brave. The beginning of this year, I’ve been kept busy with…well…busy work. Busy important work that makes my dream of being a photographer a reality. The thing is…when I’m busy I have a hard time listening. Oh goodness though…when I do listen…really listen…do those things that the tiny voice calls me to do (“Go see your neighbor…she has a story to tell.” “Do a shoot to benefit a friend.” “Call her…she needs to hear from you.”)…living for the next moment…doing the next right thing…that’s truly when I feel most alive. That’s when I feel like I am listening and “hearing” God. Not like audible God with the Morgan Freeman voice. It would be a lot easier to decipher what was him and what was just me if that were the case. Okay…I think I may be sounding crazy now. All I know is that when I’m listening like that, life feels like an adventure. The more I listen, the more I hear. The louder I love…the louder I am loved.

The last day in my twenties I shared with all of you my Life List. This year I thought I would refresh it and bring life back into it. I’ve actually marked off quite a few things. I’m sure I will continue adding and taking away and marking things off. Do you have a life list? What’s your favorite thing on your list?

Here’s the blog post from almost five years ago. I have changed the list a bit and added pictures, but everything else is the same….


Well, I have thought about this entry a million times and now when it comes down to actually writing it I’m having trouble finding the words. Today is a special day, but yesterday was even more special. Today, June 16th, is my birthday, but yesterday was the day I wanted to hold on to. My last day in my 20’s. I told Bret that was the last day he would have the chance to kiss a girl in her 20’s. For some reason the last day of everything always hits me harder than the actual day…the last day as a teenager, the last day of high school, even the last day in Elementary school (can you believe it started that early!?!) As my best friend, Andrea, likes to remind me, I cried and said “it will never be the same again”. Some how I just KNEW that going to Middle School was going to change everything. Little did Andrea and I know that the many years in school would change us to the point that we would be where we are today…best friends. She was always the cool kid with the awesome ribbon belt that I wanted. Now she’s the beautiful Mom and woman that I look up to. It would only make sense when Andrea blogged about her list I would soon be creating my own. Some call it a “Bucket List”, or the “Burn List”, I call it my “Life List”. My list started way back in college, but wasn’t very long and was far from complete. I’ve been putting off blogging this because it just never felt complete and truly still doesn’t. I keep thinking of things I want to do. Some are small and silly…others are big and I realize may never happen. A fellow photographer posted a quote on her blog today which said “Shoot for the moon. If you don’t make it, at least you will land among the stars.” After all, isn’t it the journey that matters the most? I’ve listed things I’ve always wanted to do, things I think that everyone should learn…know…or do, things that will strengthen who I am as a person, will strengthen my relationship with God, things that will help others, and things that just flat out give me the warm fuzzies. Trying to make things measurable in order to be able to one day mark them off was a challenge, so there are some that just aren’t. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about posting this.

Now…for the LIFE LIST.

1. Play putt-putt golf (completed with Bret, Andrea, Brad, Bailey, & Jake, while I was pregnant June 2011)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0216

2. Become a Mom (August 7,2011 I didn’t dare write this on my list until after, but it was certainly always there)

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

3. Grow our own fruit trees/bushes

4. Take salsa lessons

5. Scuba Diving

6. Go back to Europe (preferably a European tour)

7. Visit Savannah, GA

8. Visit New Orleans and try all the delicious food that Bret talks so much about

9. Raise children who feel love and belonging with shame resistance

10. Write a book and try to have it published

11. Learn how to can food (2011)

12. Make my own jam/jelly

13. Make pickles (summer 2013)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0221

14. Have a healthy birth with as little interventions as my body will allow (August 7, 2011) Photo credit Amy Parsons Photography

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0224

15. Sing karaoke by myself

16. Bake my own bread (summer 2013)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0225

17. Make butter

18. Have a fire pit in our back yard to roast all the marshmellows and hot dogs we want! (thanks to Bret & Steff, summer 2013)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0226

19. Live a bold, intentional, authentic, and meaningful life full of little and big adventures

20. Take a girls trip with Andrea only Feb 2014

2014-04-04_0015 2014-04-04_0012

21. Run a 5k (I like the idea of the color run)

22. Begin a tradition to do something for a charity every Christmas

23. Do yoga on a regular basis

24. Take family walks and/or bike rides on a regular basis (step 1…get a bike)

25. Start praying more and strengthening my relationship w/ God (on going, but yes 🙂 2014?)

26. Read and understand the Bible to the best of my ability (working on this now)

27. Go parasailing again (Completed with Bret June 2010)

28. Write letters to those who have made an impact in my life. Mail some of them.

29. Learn family history…even the things no one wants to talk about

30. Have a back yard family dinner with a beautiful long table, eclectic chairs, white lights, and the food all spread out on the table (September 2013 & hopefully many more)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0227 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0228

31. Use my photography to make a difference (on going)

32. Give our Wilmington honeymoon another shot (our last was cut short)

33. Hawaii w/ my little family

34. No credit card debt

35. Go a week with out the internet (on purpose)

36. Really use our back yard (hang out, grill, plant, etc.) often (ongoing, of course Summer 2013)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0229

37. Have my sewing machine out in a place where I can use it when I want to

38. Be happy with my body

39. See a Broadway musical

40. Visit Chicago

41. Truly make a difference and let my life be a testimony for Gods love (on going)

42. Run the Marine Corps 10K in Washington DC

43. Make drinking water often part of my every day life (January 2014 :))

44. Grow several large hydrangea bushes

45. Swim with dolphins

46. Help Andrea mark things off her list (at least 5 things)

47. Finish Andreas scrapbook

48. Zip line

49. Sky dive (not positive about this one)

50. Drive in movies Summer 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

51. Private 🙂

52. Take a big camping trip with my closest friends

53. Visit Great Wall of China

54. See the Eiffel Tower at night with Bret

55. Pay Mikie and Erica back in some way

56. Go to the beach often…I always feel closer to God there

57. Learn Mommy’s story and tell it the way she would want it told

58. Have something a little stronger than a Coke in Monte Carlo

59. Own my story

60. Take Chasity to the KY Derby

61. Tip someone unexpecting a very large tip (i.e. a dive restaurant waitress, a street musician, etc.) (2011 at Asuka, left before we could see his reaction)

62. Go to a major music festival

63. Tour the White House

64. Write a hand written card or letter per week for 6 months.

65. Go on a ski trip complete with a cabin, fire place, hot tub, and hot chocolate

66. Go see an old black and white movie in a theater

67. Private 🙂

68. Ride (or drive?) a paddle boat

69. Ride a jet ski in the ocean

70. Visit Africa

71. Create an album for each year since the year I became pregnant

72. Have a sushi lunch (many times since…with Bret, with my friend Laura)

73. Learn to make sushi rolls

74. Play in a warm summer rain (complete with puddle jumping) (yes! with Bret & Steff August 2013)

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0230

75. Learn to bake my own baguettes

76. Fly a kite

77. Learn to change a tire

78. Donate blood (UGH!)

79. Host an out door movie night

80. Fully learn to drive a stick shift

81. Visit New York City in the fall or New Years Eve

82. Go to a beach in the winter when it’s cold. Bundle up in sweaters and my boots. Preferably with a fire and roasted marshmellows.

83. Blog something personal once a week for three months

84. Watch a meteor shower (unfortunately I can’t remember when!)

85. Organize my old photos

86. Travel to CA and have a photo shoot w/ Tara Whitney

87. Visit Greece

88. Make home made ice cream

89. Visit the new Busch Stadium

90. Get on a horse again

91. Get over my fear of public speaking (this one use to be so terrifying that I didn’t put it on the list…I’m one step closer)

92. Cookout on the beach at sunset in Dunedin (with Bret, Andrea, Brad, Bailey & Jake, while I was pregnant, June 16, 2011)

93. Have boudoir photos taken of me (of course very tasteful ones!)

94. Eat a snow cone at the beach Completed with Bret in Dunedin June 2010

95. Visit Mt. Rushmore

96. Give a TED talk

97. Take a drawing/painting/pastels art class (one or all)

98. Take a ceramics class

99. Learn to crochet

100. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

101. Go hang gliding (apparently this is more dangerous than skydiving but I am leaving it on here for now…it still sounds so beautiful)

102. Volunteer abroad for at least one month

103. Give ice skating another shot

104. Visit Niagra Falls

105. Relax in a natural hot spring

106. Learn to build a fire

107. Learn the Heimlich maneuver and CPR (completed class before son was born, but not sure I remember it)

108. Learn to jump start a car (sometime in 2012)

109. Go to the Ellen show

110. Go to a zoo August 2014

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0231

111. Stand under a waterfall (preferably in Hawaii)

112. Have a successful herb garden (oh yeah…summer 2013) I think it’s become a little more than an herb garden

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0232

113. Fly fishing

114. Visit the Grand Ole Opry December 2014 to see Rockettes

115. Have a family reunion at the place where I grew up

116. Learn to play poker

117. Learn self defense techniques

118. Volunteer with Toys for Tots

119. Meet Loretta Lynn

120. Shoot with an old film camera

121. See the July 4th firework show in Washington, D.C.

122. Take the road trip I had planned for our honeymoon that includes stops along the Blues Highway (adjust the trip to our liking)

123. Visit Graceland

124. Read at least 50 of Newsweeks Top 100 Books

125. Visit 10 different kinds of churches and learn something about that religion

126. Grow the business enough that allowed for enough time to give and enough money to help

127. Spend a night on a boat under the stars

128. Go to the KY State Fair

129. Have a swing at our house (either porch or tire) and/or a hammock (summer 2011) Picture isn’t of a porch swing, but it’s somewhere up there in the other pictures 🙂

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0233

130. Meet my friend Stacy in person

131. Photograph a water birth

132. Be featured on Creative Mama blog (a couple times :))

133. Live a wholehearted life

134. Tell my story…let it be heard…let it help others “Don’t hog your journey”

135. Pick fresh strawberries at local “u-pick” place (the way strawberries are taking over our garden, this may turn into my house)

136. Inspire five others to create a “Life List” of their own

137. Make someone’s dream come true

138. Stop drinking Pepsi (or any sort of pop/soda….except for the occasional sip) January 2, 2014 failed and trying it again

139. Find a church home and be an active member

140. Begin a random acts of kindness advent tradition for Christmas

141. Attend the Pursuit 31 Conference

142. Meet Bob Goff and Glennon Doyle Melton…such inspirational people

143. Renew our vows in our favorite spot in Dunedin

144. Go to Disney World with my little family

145. Give a birthday party to a child in need

146. Teach my child/children about what’s really important in life

147. Raise kind and loving child/children

148. Wake up my son to walk in a fresh snow like Bret and I use to do

149. Travel and volunteer together as a family

150. Go sailing

151. Go canoeing or kayaking…I really don’t know the difference

152. Go hiking or backpacking as a family

153. Spend a month as a vegetarian

154. Take my son to watch the sunset at my favorite spot in Dunedin June 2014

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0219

155. Prepare my will

156. Support someone through their birth

157. Empower new mommas

158. Hike to the very tip end of Honeymoon Island (February 2015)

159. Ride in a hot air balloon

160. Visit Bali

161. Visit Peru

Now…I encourage all of YOU to create your own life list. Bret has to remind me that the point of the list is not to simply mark things off. It shouldn’t become a job. The point is to live life and this truly empowers you to do so. It feels like you’ve really accomplished something, even if it’s the smallest thing. Life passes by so quickly. Before you know it, you’re 80 years old, sitting in a rocking chair, thinking about all you wanted to do. Or 30 🙂 We met a lady while parasailing in Clearwater. She said her life used to be filled with fear. What if this happened? What if that happened? Then she decided to put all the fears behind her. My favorite story of hers was that she showed up at the airport, got a ticket to Peru. While there they were watching all these people hang gliding and thinking how crazy that was. Next thing she knew, she was up hang gliding with them…up above the skyscrapers. Can you imagine just going to Peru on a whim? Hang gliding on a whim? Your list doesn’t have to be filled with adventurous things. Just filled with things you want to do. Anything you’ve thought “oh I would love to do that” and thought it was too far out of reach, put it on the list and it may just motivate you to do it. Of course, if you’re like me, you may have to win the lottery to accomplish them. Maybe I should put that on the list too?”

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Happy Spring y’all! No? Not Spring yet? I’ll just pretend then. I feel like I’ve been hibernating the last couple months…only peeking my head out to say a quick “hi” or show pictures of delicious maple bacon donuts (yeah…I went there…if you’re not following me on Instagram then you’re missing out on such beautiful deliciousness). It has been for a greater purpose…although hibernating to sleep would’ve been nice too. Sometimes I feel my heart just simply scream for change, so that’s what I did. I changed a lot of the backend of the business. I haven’t made it to the website yet (although I did make my current layout flow a bit better…easier to understand…less fluffy words…is that a thing), but that’s next.

Let’s see…

* “Live In” sessions (which are basically puffed up day in the life sessions…lasting 12-24 hours instead of 8…I basically become your child for a entire day)…and Vacation session (puffed up day in the life sessions held in far away lands…or the lake…or camping…or…ah you get it…I get to spend time with you on your vacation…that’s all I know…Mom…you IN pictures on vacation…yay) are now being offered (yippee!)

* All sessions (with the exception of minis) are charged a session fee and all prints, etc. are purchased separately. This means it’s less of an up front investment on the day in the life and birth sessions than in the past. Leaving more room for customizing everything to exactly what you want.

*All collections now include unlimited printing rights of all high resolution digital files on a pretty little flash drive and online download and most feature my favorite boutique products

*Mini sessions are now only being offered 4 times a year! I basically narrowed them down to the most popular months. I am so excited about the locations (note that these locations are also available for Signature Sessions if you’d rather have something a bit longer but love the idea of these locations). Be sure to check out the calendar HERE for all the dates and locations.

*Galleries will now be viewed on a slideshow that can be seen (and heard) your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

*The new proofing/ordering page is a dream. The images are all laid out in a pinterest style. You click on an image and you can view it larger, save your favorites, compare favorites, easily order, share with friends and family, etc.

*All pre session information back on the client lounge.

*Not offering standout mounts any more, but if you have ordered one in the past, they will still be available to you.

*And lots more little details that you will just have to see for yourself…hint…hint.

With that said…Spring and Summer scheduling has started! This year is shaping up to be a busy one. It had been years since I had a birth and day in the life session scheduled and now I have three births and a day in the life session scheduled since before the new year. Not to mention all the signature sessions. I’ve heard so many beautiful stories and met so many who love so loudly. I recently schedule a session with someone who said they had been waiting three years to schedule a session with me, but just knew that if they moved without having a session with her family they would regret it. That was such a wonderful compliment. I’m already in love with their family and their session sounds like a dream…full of baking, jumping on couch pillows, playing airplane, playing in the mud…a photographer’s dream.

Folks, it’s going to be a beautiful year.


Since I barely blogged anything about our family last year…here’s a little peek out how much our little man has grown. This is actually from October 2014. So he’s an even bigger big boy now. Oh and he sure does know it. Some things he likes to say right now…

“I do whatever I want”

“Put yous hair in a ponytail…you’re nice when it’s in a ponytail”  (what?)

“Don’t say that at me”

But he also says

“I love you mamma” sweeter than anything I’ve ever heard in my entire life

“Nuggle wis me” (Snuggle with me)

“Thank you for fixin dinner mamma”

Favorites include playing pirates, the big bad wolf, dancing, banding, snuggling on the couch while watching movies, “hiding”, and “working” with me.

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0203

These next few pictures are proof that as long as you have good light, you can hold a session any where. These were squeezed in between a gas station, a dumpster, and a strip of stores/offices, with the high way and huge billboard in the back. You can see the blue dumpster in one.  copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0204 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0206 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0207

Oh and he loves superheroes too. Of course.  copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0208

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0209 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0210 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0211 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0212 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0213

copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0214 copyright Priscilla Baierlein Photography_0215

Also I’m so excited that one of my most favorite photos has made it to the final 10% of the 2015 Shoot & Share Photo Contest in the family category. Yippee! I never enter contests, so this is super exciting. Only one day left to vote. Eek!


I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces this year!

Peace and love,


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