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Last Minute Golden Rod Sessions | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Photographer}

Remember this from last year? Now this year…I have access to a full field of this beautiful beautiful flower…weed…flower weed…um…golden rod. Ya’ll I am so excited. There are a couple fields in Nicholasville that I admire every single time I drive by and never have the nerve to find the owner to ask permission. Today after, um, driving by the fields over and over and over again…definitely not stalking the fields…nope…not at all, I saw the owner standing outside and decided to just talk to him and ask.

Since these beautiful flower weeds will only be standing for the next week or so, I’m opening up weekday evening spots to fit in as many sessions as I can. If you would be interested in a Signature Session in a gorgeous field of this (did I mention it has a barn in the background and another field that is less overgrown and will perfect to mix the session up a bit), please email me asap at or give me a call at 859-792-6838.

I’m so excited!


Peace and so much love,


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On Having a ‘Me Too’ Person and Being Loved

You think after you’ve known someone almost your whole life and been best friends for half of your life, that there couldn’t possibly be anything else you have in common. I’m amazed to constantly discover knew things we share. I once read how hearing “me too” kills shame. Over the past few years I’ve learned that there are few things more true. Everyone NEEDS a “me too” person in their life. I’m not talking about someone who will pacify you with simply saying what you WANT to hear. I’m talking about someone who will be real and honest enough with you that they share their hurts, their vulnerabilities, their silliness, their mistakes, and open up to you so much that when you’re hurt, or you’ve made a mistake, or you just have something that you feel is so silly and different than everyone else in the world, they will say, often with a sigh, “me too” (or sometimes with a squeal and a laugh…like they can’t believe anyone else in the world thinks that way). This is the person that you always know you can call to tell something, anything, you’ve done, or are just feeling in vulnerability hell over and they will open themselves up enough to listen, be empathetic, be honest, but gentle as needed. The nice thing about my best friend, my “me too”, is that she also thinks a lot like my husband, who I don’t always think like, and she can tell me when I’m not hearing him.

She and I are different enough that she can tell me to move my booty and cut line so we can make our flight. I’m not saying that actually happened or anything…Well, okay…I am. Seriously people…our taxi was really really really late. We checked in on my phone and my boarding pass wouldn’t pull up. I had to go to the counter to get a printed one. They said we had 5 minutes before the gates closed. By the time I get back to security there is a huge line. Andrea and I handle stressful situations totally different. I tend to be very passive and inside my head about it. She is pacing the floor, ready to yell at whomever she needs to in order to get done what is needed. I was terrified of being tackled at security and wasn’t going to cut line. It would’ve taken me 20 minutes to get through this line. But Andrea tells me to cut (very animately I might add). I said “cut line???” I should’ve just added “are you crazy?” I will never live that down. The security guard tells me to come on…or I wouldn’t have. I would’ve missed our flight. There was a series of freaking out over slow people in front of us who didn’t want to throw their orange juice away and smarty pants security guards who said we should’ve gotten there earlier and me running through the airport barefoot. But, we made it, with time to spare. Yes, with time to spare.

Once we got on the plain safely, or actually once we landed in Lexington safely, I realized how lucky I am that my “me too” also is different enough to balance me out. She calms my worries and tells me when to get a move on when I need to. She knows exactly what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear. She always does it with kindness and love. I take everything to her in my life because I know, for some strange reason, her love is unconditional. She loved me through months and months of not talking (because of life, not because of a disagreement), through living together and me drinking all her pepsi, through my absolute worse times and my absolute best times, she has never made me feel judged, only loved. I never would have made that flight back to Lexington by myself. I would’ve stood in line and waited and cried when I missed it. God gives us the right people in our lives. I’m thankful to Him that I’ve been given people who balance me, who will fight with me and for me, who love me unconditionally, who know my flaws and still see the true me. Who can still find me slightly charming after all these years.

Prior to our almost missing our flight, we had such a special girls, over indulgent, weekend in FL. We talked about things we had never talked about and things we have talked about a million times. We had late nights with wine, chatting, chocolate, and visits with another wonderful friend of mine who lives in FL (Stacey). It was perfect. I felt so at peace and so thankful.

Then when I came home I realized that the whole weekend was “planned” simply to get me away from the house in order to surprise me with a refinished basement. A trip that had been planned before I ever started “planning”. A trip to do something special for me, to show me just how loved I truly am. Nothing is more important in life than feeling loved. I weep for those who do not know this feeling. Sometimes there feels like a moment, a big moment, when we realize that we are truly and fully loved. All the doubt, all the times you’ve felt less than, all the times you’ve felt alone, they truly don’t matter because you are…simply…loved. I know there’s some psychological reason behind it and I’m not sure I care to dive into that one today, but every time I am stressed or feel like I’ve done something wrong, I start to feel like less and start to feel not so loved. As a new mom, that feeling seemed to happen a lot. For Bret, Andrea, and ALL the people who pulled this off and put so many details into it and thought into it, YOU made me feel loved. There is no greater gift that you could’ve given me. Not only did you remind me how much you love me, but God, once again, showed me, through you, how much He loves me. So much so that He gave me you and so many more that weren’t able to be a part of the big surprise.

One of the things I was excited about for this trip was just taking pictures of the beach. Just me, my camera, and the beach. I wish I had stopped and talked to a lot of the people I saw along our walks (like the lady who found the most perfect spot on the beach or the older man who had the bottom half of his leg tattooed with a naked woman). I think it would’ve made my walks even more interesting. But I am so glad that I am able to take my art along with me to capture how I see the world in that very moment.

I had never seen fog on the beach in the middle of the day. It was so strange and so beautiful. Aren’t some of the best things in life both strange and beautiful?


I’ll blame the fact that I completely miss judged the exposure on these next couple. But I loved them exactly that way. So I’ll take that happy accident.


And my “me too”.



Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Peace and so much love,


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A Little Bit of Every Day | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Photography}

A perfect session to me includes a bit of me following you around for your every day at home. Nothing is more precious to me than showing you the beauty in your every day. There is beauty in every single aspect of it. Sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re caught up in your day to day, but it’s there. With every snuggle, every kiss, every tear, every bounce off the wall, every meal prep, every prayer…it’s always there. One of my favorite authors and TED speaker, Brene’ Brown, said that in her research she found that those who have lost loved ones miss the little things more than anything…their child slamming the back door as they come in from playing for instance. These are the things we take for granted and sometimes even drive us crazy. But they are the things we will most certainly miss one day. When I first started learning about photography, my goal was to capture the things I love, especially the things that wouldn’t be around forever…the old barn on my drive to work that looked like it would fall down any day or the way the sun was setting on that particular evening. This is still my goal, but it’s not just what I love…it’s what you love and also what you sometimes miss in the quickness of each day.

The C family is another who’s been with me almost from the beginning. I was absolutely thrilled to get to photograph their morning before the actual “session”. The kiddos weren’t sure what to think when a lady with a big ol camera was butting in on their morning snuggles. But no one can resist a good snuggle with mom and dad even with a camera in the room. Even with me snapping away, it all felt so natural. This is who they are. This is a part of their lives that I hadn’t seen before. I hope that looking at these in the future they will be able to almost feel the way it felt to have their arms wrapped around their babies.


Peace and so much love,


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Day in the Life | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Family Photography}

Day in the life and birth sessions are quite possibly two of the most important sessions to me. I know they are the ones that most of us are least likely to invest in because it is well, more of an investment. But, to me, these two things are what I want to remember and will forever hold sacred. I want to remember and hold tight the first time I held him in my arms, as well as the day to day rhythms we found ourselves swept up in once he grew to be a crazy toddler. I know what you’re thinking, “My house is a wreck and I feel like I’m barely holding on some days…what is she going to capture…me in my pi’s…no thanks” or for births “Do I really want someone else in the room? What exactly is she going to take pictures of!?!” First of all, there is beauty in all of our lives. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that we almost miss the gentle beauty of it. That’s where I come in. I can see it even when you can’t. Also, I’ve shot in tiny homes and huge homes. The way I shoot blurs out the mess…or I just move it…unless it adds to the beauty. PJ’s are perfect…but I won’t be upset if you want to wear makeup and put on something you feel great in. For births, I try to stay back as much as possible. I don’t use a flash because I never ever want to disturb. Nothing is posed. And all of the angles are very tasteful and I do not take a picture of anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with. Trust me. I would never take anything away from your special moment and the pictures would only be seen by whomever you wanted.

Last Spring I did a Day in the Life session with one of my favorite families. They have been coming to me for many many years now. I love that we have become friends and she has helped me so much through my early momma struggles. She recently sent a testimonial my way and it absolutely brought me to tears. Here’s what my friend had to say about her beautiful, rainy day, day in the life session.

On most days and to most people, the images that Priscilla captured are just photographs.  Beautiful, well-framed photographs.  They show my children’s soft skin and big eyes, my husband’s stubble and smile lines, and my hands which have become my mother’s hands.  They are treasured images of the funny little artifacts which make up our lives:  rain boots, plastic giraffes, and the chipped pitcher for the milk on the breakfast table.  Naturally, we enjoy these images now (“Look, Mommy!  Priscilla took a picture of our puddle.  When do you think it will rain again?  Our puddle will come back, won’t it?”).  Surely, we will enjoy them more in the future when our paths diverge from under the single roof of our family home.  These oh-so-long little days will not last, and I will think, “Here is one among many, but what a magnificent day it was!”

On other days and to me, this collection is something else entirely.  These photographs were taken on a day in a season when I was feeling broken.  As the session grew closer, I was less certain, nervous even, about inviting a camera into our home to capture any of it, but I am so glad that we did.  So much was revealed by the unguarded lens of Priscilla’s camera and the fearless editing that she accomplished with her keen eye and her warm heart.  She stripped away any pretense and the part where we were, in my mind, just barely holding on.  She left what we are.  Here are the quiet places at the heart of our home and the gentle rhythms which are the source of our well-being.  Because of the nature of the day and her time with us, they are not fantasy, even though sometimes I think they must be.  Since Priscilla does not bear the burdens of our hang-ups and our history, good and bad, the images are faithful.  Some are brutal.  Most are kind — kinder than I ever am to myself as a wife or a mother. Can that love be real?  Can it be mine?  Am I worthy of it?  When I told Priscilla that in an email, she wrote back to me almost immediately: “I see you.  I really see you.  And it is.  And you are.”

It is that simple.  It is.  I am.  We are.  Every one of us.

Slideshow coming soon.:)


Peace and so much love,



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Spring Mini Session openings | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Family Photography}

Some of my most favorite mini of the years are coming up in just a couple weeks (April 26th to be exact)! Eeek! Just a quick schedule update…

I have three openings remaining! Reserve yours spot by emailing me at

Spring and summer Signature Session spots are filling up. Find out more information by emailing me and/or going to

Here’s a little peak at why I absolutely love Boyds Orchard.


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