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image by Stacey Woods Photography circa 2013 :)

image by Stacey Woods Photography circa 2013 :)

How have ten years passed by so quickly? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was sitting in my little windowless office dreaming about the what-ifs of being a full time photographer? Just yesterday that I was taking the long way home to stop any place I could to practice what I had just read about in the little photography book I ordered off from Amazon? Well, if we want to take it back even further, it really seems like just yesterday I was the college girl spending all her money on ramen noodles, disposable cameras, and one hour photo labs. The girl who ruined too many pictures to count by accidentally getting her finger into the shot. Yes…y’all…that was me. I couldn’t say it was “perfectly imperfect” when my finger was straight up covering someone’s face. Somehow, I was also the girl who wrote in a freshman English journal that I dreamed of owning a photography studio one day. Not remembering this until I was five years or more into this journey and sorting through boxes in the basement. When I was just playing with a disposable camera, I was driving down the road dreaming of what would look good in a picture. My high school friends would also always tease that I was the girl in “Can’t Hardly Wait” who chased after everyone with her yearbook and cried out in heartache “These are precious memories people!” I will neither confirm nor deny this. In fact, when I started falling in love with photography, I would often say that I just wanted to photograph the things that I love before they were gone. It was mostly old barns at the time, but soon turned into people. The first time I photographed a genuine smile…well…I was hooked and knew photography was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and somehow we would make it happen.

Now, it’s been over ten years since I’ve called this my full time job. It’s been 10 years of laughter, of new friends who become old friends, hugs, snuggles, tears, butterflies just before arriving at a new home, of prayers before every session just to ask God to help me really see them, spending countless hours behind the computer…dreaming…creating…editing…culling…writing, using my gifts to love others, showing those in front of my camera just how loved they are, running a business while being an imperfect human…struggling with infertility…becoming a momma…postpartum depression…triggered PTSD…self doubt…feelings of not enough…self loathing…many days when I could barely pull myself out of the bed…and making it to the clearing to find love for myself again, a husband who supports me in every way, figuring out how to run a business with google and good mentorship and surrounding myself with all the education I could, learning and relearning all the things as they change, constantly discovering some of the most incredible people in this very saturated industry, photographing my own sweet family, being able to work from home and hear my husband and son play in the next room, having the flexibility to be there for sick days…snow days…field trips…family vacation…and after school snuggles, finding my voice and how to use it for love, finding my clear dreams lead by the one who created me, making new friends over and over again, falling in love with so many families and the way they love, getting the gift to slow down and truly see people and all their love, full hearts after sessions, love notes from clients, picked flowers in my hair, the sweetest little hugs, genuine smiles, first breaths, first snuggles, first kisses, being one of the chosen few to be in the room, first dances, tears of overwhelming gratitude, traveling the world, princess twirls, jumps on the bed, watching families just be in their most beloved places, and my heart being so incredibly full.

If you are here reading this, if you have ever clicked on my website, if you have ever shared an image I’ve taken, if you’ve ever liked a social media post from me, if you’ve ever left a comment on a post, if you’ve ever cheered me on silently from the sidelines, if you’ve ever given me the gift of photographing you…your family…your wedding…your birth…your birthday, if you’ve ever told a friend about my work, if you are or have ever been a part of my email list, if you are one of my loudest supporters…you are part of this family…we are in this together…I love you and I am SO grateful for you. Every single bit of it has made a difference and I know deep down in my soul that this IS going to be the best year yet and I cannot wait to see where WE are at the end.

Here are just a “handful” of my most favorite images from the last 10 years. You all have brought me so much joy and I hope with everything in me that I have shown you your love, just for a little bit.

Do you have a favorite image we have created together over the last 10 years? I would love for you to post it to instagram or facebook with a little note about why you loved it and your session! If you do, please tag me, or the business page, or use #priscillabphotography or #priscillabphotograph10years. It has filled my soul to see everyone’s favorites. I will be doing a drawing at the end of this week to see who will get a 16x20 canvas of their favorite! :)

So much love to you,


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top 5 tips to prepare for your family lifestyle photo session | priscilla baierlein photography {central KY family lifestyle photographer}

It’s that time of year where things start to warm up, the sun decides it wants to see KY again, and we start to imagine life on the other side of winter. Yay! I mean…I’m thankful for all types of weather…but a whole lot extra thankful for warm weather. Give me poolside or beach side or days in my garden and I’m a happy girl. Spring time also means…time to book your family’s spring session! Y’all, I am SO excited for 2019. I’m fighting to get through all these changes and prep work on the back end so it can be the best year yet. I just know it’s going to be. Bookings are all well under way. A couple things to keep in mind…

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I just can’t wait to see you all this year! Yay!

5 tips to prepare for your family lifestyle photo session

  1. Make sure everyone is fed and rested. Trust me, I know how hard that can be with little ones. It seems like it’s the days we need them to nap that they fight it. Trust me, they know something special is happening. Try to make the day as easy going as possible. Try to pick a day that is not full of activities (which I know can be a tall feat in and of itself). Don’t go swimming all day or do anything you know will wear them out. If your session is later in the evening when the light is ideal, be sure to give little ones a later nap or rest. Make sure everyone is fed so we have no “hangry” littles or bigs. Bring along “clean” snacks (you know…not too messy) and water or even a picnic. I always love this portion of sessions too!

  2. Check expectations & wrap yourselves in grace. Kids will be kids. The beauty of a lifestyle family session is that we want them to be just that…themselves. Let them be little and have fun with them. Let go of the “pressure to behave”. I know that sounds crazy, but if we are fussing at them the whole time, then this session won’t be fun for any of you. They may not sit still at any point and that’s okay. I have worked with all sorts of kiddos and have lots of tricks up my sleeves to get good images through the chaos. I’ll tell you a little secret…I love it when kids have fun during sessions…I embrace the chaos. It’s often these times that we get some of the most real and fun pictures. Our goal is to capture your wiggly, silly, fun, kiddos exactly as they are right now. Because with all of that is also love. This too shall pass.

  3. Let the littles know you will be having a play date with your friend, Miss Cilla. Make it sound as fun and exciting as it is without putting a lot of pressure on them. Even better, show them my picture so they know what to expect.

  4. Plan a special treat for after the photo shoot. Ice cream, a special dinner, a dance party, something your family loves. Not as a bribe, but as part of the experience. Something else to look forward to. In fact, I discourage bribes and encourage you to just play and breathe, and have fun with your little ones.

  5. See this as a celebration of your family and a chance to just love on and appreciate each person you hold so dear. Take the pressure off for this to be anything but that. This isn’t a time for you all to be perfect. It’s just a time to be. To be together. To love each other and have fun. Just take a deep deep breath and play. Or, for your older kiddos, just hang out with them. I love for client friends to think about a few things they love about each other ahead of time and whisper these as they are snuggled in for pictures. Or you could write a little love note to each of your kiddos just before so they know this is all about love and there is no pressure to be anything else but themselves.

Bonus Tip: What to wear…Wear what makes you feel like yourself…what makes you feel beautiful…and what you are comfortable in. That’s it. That’s the key. If you want to go further and coordinate, I suggest picking a color and weaving it throughout your family and make sure each person is wearing something that is their style and personality. My only request is that you don’t all wear the same thing. Try not to be too matchy as this takes away a lot of the personality of things. I’ve also put together a couple what to wear pinterest boards for families and maternity. You can see those HERE.

The main thing to remember is just to simply breathe, love your family, and have fun. That’s all it takes. Please don’t wait for “just the right moment” because before you know it all the moments have passed and in 20 years you’ll realize that every moment was just about the right one.

So much love,


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