The truth is, we never feel like we have it all together. I held myself back for years…”when I have it all together THEN I will help others do the same”, but the truth is I, my business, my family, my life, is all a beautiful masterpiece always in the making…a work in progress. Then I realized I have a lot to share and give without having it ALL together. I have this great passion for encouraging others to pursue their dreams. I can hear it in their words. Wanting someone to give them permission to chase it. Really, we all have a lot of the answers inside of us, we just have trouble seeing them and creating a plan because it’s all so overwhelming. Trust me, I find myself constantly having this problem and it is the precise reason I’ve held myself back from helping others. But an outside perspective can see things I can’t see for myself.

So, how exactly can I help you? Some topics I feel particularly suited for…finding your why, creating a mission statement, designing the life you desire, boutique service business model pricing and strategy, photographing love filled families, social media, branding, starting a photography business (may also be applied to other boutique service businesses), finding your style, blogging, and more. We will start with finding out exactly what you’re looking for and I will be honest about whether I feel I can help you or not. We will make sure we are the right fit before moving forward.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Please click the “learn more” button below to contact me for prices, etc.