Hi, friend! If you’re here, it’s because I consider you a friend, and I want to offer you a little something special.

You can check out all of my session information and pricing by clicking HERE, and because you’re one of my favorites and I sent you to this link, I’d love to offer you my friends & family discount of 20% off.

And because the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable about paying me (and because, honestly, I hate asking friends for money, and I’d probably do it all for free if I could), I want you to know that there is absolutely zero pressure to book a session with me if it doesn’t fit what you’re looking for (zip, zero, zilch).

So here’s what we’ll do. If a session looks good and you want to book a date, you can go HERE (if you haven’t already) and email me so we can find the perfect date for you. If you’ve already filled that out and we are emailing, simply email me back and we will find the perfect date for you and go from there!

If the sessions don’t fit what you’re looking for or if there’s not a date that will work for both of us, I’d love to refer you to one of the other photographers who I’ve come to adore in the area. I know these photographers personally and can wholeheartedly recommend them:

Thank you so much, sweet friend, for thinking of me. I’m so thankful for you!

So much love,