What kind of photographer are you?

I am a storyteller first. I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer, specializing in child and family photography. I always say I fell in love with families first and photography second. My first priority is to capture your love, your story, the way you interact as a family. Who you are as a family. I want for you to look at your images and feel that love for generations to come. I want your kiddos to remember how it felt to be little. Mostly, I want for everyone to see their love and know they belong. To have a physical reminder that they are loved. That right in the craziness, life is beautiful and full of…love. These images will be an investment in your family history. I use very loose “posing” or no posing and we just simply play. There are lots of snuggles and lots of tickling. We do what we can to have fun and get everyone feeling relaxed. I seek to capture connection rather than perfection. And it’s nice to naturally capture a couple of everyone looking at the camera too.

Where do sessions take place?

Where ever you want! My goal is to photograph you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I absolutely love when at least a portion of sessions are done in my clients homes. Right in the heart of it. Where you family loves and does life. So you don't think your home could possibly photograph well? You're likely wrong. Most everyone feels that way! Want to venture out away from the home? There are so many gorgeous locations in Central KY. What about a park your family goes to frequently? Or a family farm? Even the tall over grown field down the street can be perfect if the light is hitting it right. Let's chat about your family's likes and dislikes, your day to day, and this will lead us to the perfect location!

Mini session locations are predetermined. You can see a list of mini session locations and dates HERE.

How long will my session be?

Signature sessions last around 1-2 hours, and up to 3 hours for newborns. We shoot until we “have it” or until the kids are “done”. Day in the life or birth sessions are around 4-8 hours.

How far in advance do you book sessions?

I book up anywhere from one to three months in advance, depending on the time of year. September and October are the best times for holidays sessions to allow ample time to receive everything you need for gifts and cards. Newborn sessions are best scheduled while you’re still pregnant and can be rearranged if the baby is born earlier or later than anticipated. No worries if you’ve already had your baby, I always try to allow wiggle room in my schedule for unexpected newborn sessions.

Where are you located?

I travel all over central KY. Travel within 1 hour of Lancaster is covered in the session fee.

Do you travel? 

Yes! Absolutely! I'd love to! See more about pricing of travel sessions HERE

How long does the process take?

You can expect to see your proofs online around a month after the session is held.

Once your order is placed, it can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on what is ordered and if design work is included. High resolution digital files are available for download immediately.

What about bad weather?

Unfortunately, most of the time we will have to reschedule. If the session is in your home or other in door location, we can sometimes work with the light inside despite the nastiness outside. I do only work with natural light, so please keep this in mind.

So, why Priscilla Baierlein Photography? 

When choosing a photographer it all comes down to what’s important to you, what makes your heart melt and who you connect with. Here’s a run down of a few of the top ways I may be different aside from the work you see spread throughout here...

* Time...for Signature Sessions and Day in the Life I photograph until I’m done. No worrying about the next client coming behind you. I come to you. We play. We take our time. I am never forcing an ending to the session. It just happens naturally when we have captured the session...told your story. I’ve found that this is so helpful for little ones with a wide range of personalities. I spend, in total, anywhere from 15-20 hours on your session between the planning, the prepping, the shooting, the editing, the proofing, the ordering, the packaging, etc,

* Storytelling...lifestyle photography...My style of photography is laid back and just fun. There’s nothing stiff and overposed. I encourage laughter and play. Just easy going. 

* Quality...not quantity. Priscilla Baierlein Photography is ran more like a boutique business. It’s an investment that will last, that is given time and care, with quality and one on one personal (custom) attention. Each client is a friend and each order is treated like a gift with the utmost care. Quality in the time. Quality in the relationship. Quality in the product.

How much does it cost? 

Clients anticipate spending total $550-$2500, with most spending an average of $1100.

You can see a general breakdown of pricing HERE...

You may request a full Pricing Guide HERE for more details.

Will I get digital photos from my session? 

Yes! You can purchase both individual images or all images. Each collection comes with all of your high resolution digital images on a flash drive, as well as being available for immediate download. To me, this is the ultimate purchase (as well as the beautiful albums that include all finished session images) as it gives you the freedom to print as many as you'd like. It is truly the way to get the most out of your session. You are able to print as many as you want, in whatever size you would like, from any vendor you would like. I highly recommend www.mpix.com as your go to print lab when you have purchased your digital images. 

How, when and where can I order additional prints and products?

When your images are ready, I will check with you and make sure it’s a good time for your gallery to go live. The gallery is live for one week. Within your gallery you will be able to order prints, products, digital files, and collections. Orders can also be taken in person, over the phone, email, and via FaceTime/skype. Whatever works best for you and your family!

Do you photograph weddings? 

I truly feel my biggest strength is in photographing families, however, I do love a good wedding. I do photograph a very limited number of weddings a year.

What should we wear? 

This may be our most asked question. I always tell clients that you could seriously stay in your pajamas and the pictures would be perfect. I want you. I want you at your most comfortable. No matter what you wear, the choice should be as stress free as possible, you should be comfortable, and you should feel beautiful. Do you have a "go-to" out fit or something in particular that always makes you feel beautiful? Wear that! How about letting the kiddos dress themselves? Or having one article of clothing that truly expresses who the individual is? Maybe a few shots with their favorite cape or dress or ratty shoes. You will be so thankful you did this in the years to come. Eventually that won't be their favorite. It's all about capturing who your family truly is and about relaxing...being in the moment. Not comfortable with that for all the pictures? How about color coordinating outfits for part of the session and then the other part of the session letting all the rules go? 

Another tip is to look through my previous sessions. You'll see some who have color coordinated their outfits and others who haven't. Get a feel for what you like! If all else fails, bring your choices the day of the session and I will help make the final decisions.

But, my kids are WILD and will not sit still for pictures.

Perfect! They don't have to. And you don't need to feel the pressure of keeping them still or to do every single thing I ask. I want to capture exactly how your kiddos are at this point in their life. I have a five year old and he is wiggly and wild often...especially when something is different. So I completely understand. Let me worry about the pictures, you worry about loving your family and enjoying exactly who they are in this moment. Pressure is off. And, you know what, if they don't want to do something I ask, it's okay. Happy kiddos is more important than that one thing I would like to do. If something happens and we find that this is just completely an off day and isn't going to work, we will figure it out and reschedule if we absolutely have to. No worries. No pressure.

When should I schedule my maternity session? Newborn session? 

Maternity sessions are best done in the 3rd Trimester. Newborn sessions are best done within the little ones first 2 weeks of life (however, I want to do this when the clients are most comfortable. There's something beautiful to capture with every stage of a newborn). It's important to schedule both of these as far in advance as possible. We can schedule newborn sessions before the baby is even born and adjust the date as needed once the little one arrives.

Where will my newborn session be held?

Here’s the best part…I come to you! Right in the heart of your home. Where you and your family are most comfortable. This allows for relaxed, personal, and more custom images. There’s no need to worry about having everything perfect and clean. I know how it is to have a newborn at home. I don’t want to add cleaning to that. We can move anything that’s in our way. Newborn sessions usually focus on the baby’s room, the master bedroom, and the living area.

Do you do mini sessions?

Mini sessions are offered 2-3 times a year. They are 15-20 minutes long and include 15 high resolution digital images with unlimited personal printing rights and 5x7 proofs of each.

Mini session locations are predetermined. You can see a list of mini session locations and dates HERE.

How do you choose which images you keep from our session and include in our gallery?

Each session is narrowed down to the best of the best. The ones that truly tell the story of the day and speak most loudly to who you are and what we were going for during the session. Signature sessions are narrowed down to around 40-60 images.