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how to find your family photographer


It’s officially fall. Also known to photographers as the busiest time of year. I would love to be everyone’s chosen photographer, but, as I believe photographer Jenna Kutcher said, I can’t please everyone, I am not Nutella. I believe having a successful session is about so much more than a skilled photographer. They have to be YOUR photographer. The perfect match. If not, there’s a chance you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. No one wants that to happen. I want you to find your photographer. Bonus points if that does end up being me ;)

Here are my “big three” questions to finding your perfect photographer match…

Do I like the photographer’s style of photography?

This is a big one. You want someone who’s work already matches what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something specific, do not choose any photographer and then ask them to recreate what you’re looking for. Chances are they may not be able to and they may not have as much passion behind it as they do their typical style. If you’re wanting a studio look, go with a studio photographer. If you’re wanting to capture everyone playing, find the photographer who most reflects that in their work. You want to be fancy, find someone who shows that off on their website. My style of photography is generally referred to as “lifestyle”. My focus is on connection and how your family loves at this stage in life. There aren’t a lot of images of everyone looking at the camera (although we do try to get one or two) and I am not super posey. The outcome is warm, love and connection filled images that show who your family is, not just what each person looked like at this age. There is a place for all different types of photography, you just have to decide what you like best for this time in your life.


Do I feel a connection to the photographer?

This one may not be as obvious, but it is SO important. You’ll notice I try to put my personality out there as much as I can. This is because I know whatever I put out there will attract or repel. I’d rather attract all the people, but, again, I’m not Nutella. So, instead, I know it’s going to attract the people who connect with me best. Those are also going to be the people I create the best work with because they’re more comfortable with me. You can connect with a photographer through their work, their “about me” on their website, the way they talk about photography, or even the light they put out into the world. Having a connection can have a great affect on the final images.


Are they worth it?

Photography is an investment. If someone charges $200, but their work is not up to your standards and you don’t like the final outcome, then you’ve wasted $200. If someone charges $1200 and they meet the above questions and quality is on point, then you’ve made a $1200 investment that will last generations. If you love someone’s work that charges more than you have budgetted and you feel they are worth it, see if there’s a smaller session you can do or if they take payments. Or go to the photographer every other year or every few years.

As for how you come across your photographer? The best place is always going to be that one trusted friend that values the same as you do. I don’t value fancy cars, so I’m not the one to ask about what car to buy. But I do value good photography, so I am a good friend to ask for a photographer. I also value a good pair of jeans, so you can ask me about that too. Other places to run across your photographer can be google, instagram, Pinterest. I don’t know if I suggest asking on facebook groups. Everyone values something different.


Bottom line, fine the photographer you love. I hope these big three help in your search. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You and your photographer will be partners in creating your beautiful art.

So much love,


in with the new. | Priscilla baierlein photography {central ky lifestyle photographer}

Hi, friends! It's been so long since my last blog. It's kinda strange to blog again and I have a feeling it will take a while to get my "groove" back. The last blog...January! Before that...last year...a total of four blog posts. So, I think, rest assured, you don't have to worry about me filling up your in box any time soon. But I have all the wonderful intentions of blogging once a week...when possible. I love blogging. I feel best when I'm writing and sharing. And I have so many beauty filled and love filled families to share with you from the last couple years! 

A lot has changed around here in the last couple weeks. This year, in between the every day business to-dos, and keeping up with my little preschooler, I have been working on a brand spankin new website. I was convinced doing it myself was the best option. No regrets, but, shew, it was quite the learning curve and many many frantic emails to my old web host (which, I would never recommend) and my new web host and my domain host. I will say that Go Daddy and Squarespace both have the most wonderfully patient and prompt customer service representatives. Then I completely knocked out my email on accident for the entire weekend. Y'all...grace...upon grace...upon grace. THEN realized I also killed my blog subscriber list! If you are on this blog subscriber list now on accident, I completely understand if you'd rather unsubscribe. I promise not to make too many pouty faces.

Well, it may have been a messy process and it may have all came together as imperfectly as I've felt, but, ya know what, it's together and it's full of beauty and love and joy...and grace...and endless cans of Pepsi and nibbles of chocolate. SOOOO...with all that said...I have a NEW WEBSITE! When you have a few moments, I would love for you to grab a cup of As my Grandma always said "take your shoes off and stay a while". Just be there and feel the love until you've taken it all in...or until I've bored you to tears. :) 

When I was thinking about exactly what I wanted my website to be...and business as well...I wanted it to be a place that felt like home for me. I know that may sound strange and asking a lot from a little website. I wanted to see in it what I see in all of my families. gritty and heavy...sometimes light. I wanted it to show my heart, but also the hearts of each of the beauty filled people I photograph. I want it to be a place where they feel love, where I feel love, where my future client friends feel love. When someone passing through reads my words I want them to feel like they're sitting down with me and chatting. I want them to feel my love. When someone is reading the boring pricing stuff, I want it to make sense or I want them to feel comfortable enough to realize I'm a warm, imperfect, loving human that they can come to and ask questions. I want everything to flow seamlessly and just work together (which is probably the hardest part for me). My hope is that for the weeks...months...years to come you will hear from me and my day to day and feel love and grace and joy and that your imperfection is no different than my imperfection and that we are each making it through the days together and that is a beautiful thing. I am also, obviously, going to see how many times I can say beautiful...or beauty filled...because I really like that word...and "so...". 

Okay...with that...I will leave you with just a handful of my favorite images from the last couple years...just as a teaser. For more of my favorites, you'll just have to visit my website. :) 

So much love,

Cilla xoxo