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three tips for more relaxed family photos

I’ve seen it so many times. Mom is frazzled and wants everything to be perfect. Dad just wants it to be over with. Everyone is hungry. Naps were missed. And the kids are off kilter as a result. It’s not quite the perfect scenario for a love filled family session, but, most all the time, we can work around it. It’s one of the reasons I take SO many pictures. I’ll hear “how did you capture this…I can’t even tell insert kids name was going crazy”. Which makes me SO happy, but my deepest desire is for us to capture all that love AND for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. This year many clients have started receiving a lifestyle session guide to help everyone prepare for the most happy and relaxed session possible. If you are one of those clients, please do read it…you will be so thankful you did. If you aren’t, here are just a few ways you can help insure your next family photo session is as relaxed as possible.

  1. Make sure EVERYONE is fed and rested.

    Oh I can’t stress this enough. I know my child is a completely different kid when he’s hungry or tired. If I’m expecting him to be anything but crazy, I’m likely to be a bit disappointed. It’s like a snickers commercial. Truly. Our sessions are usually scheduled around sunset and sunrise, which can sometimes be tricky. Sometimes we choose to schedule them earlier and stick to inside the home to pick a time the kiddos are at their best. But, if you’re dreaming of that golden light sunset provides you can have an early dinner or big snack before the session and bring snacks and water with you. If your kiddos goes to bed early like mine, sunset time can be even more of a risk. Sometimes a late nap can do just the trick.

  2. Let it go. Smile. Breathe.

    Listen, there is probably going to be a little bit of chaos. That is okay. Let them be themselves. Let them be kids. It truly is okay. Look at it as a beautiful chaos that will soon be gone. Our goal is not perfectly still studio portraits. Our goal is to capture your love and your family just as they are now. Just take a deep breath and smile. No matter what. Smile. Kid crying…smile. Kid refusing to take off coat…smile. Kid not letting go of their favorite toy…smile. I’m going to say something that probably seems strange. Let me worry about their behavior. You worry about loving them just as they are. That’s it. And before the session…mommas…I’m talking to you…you’re gonna have to relax. If clothes are stressing you out, let everyone pick what they want to wear…I’m serious. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed everyone will be.

  3. Make it as easy of a day as possible…focus on the experience.

    I know this can be a tough one when you have kiddos in sports and all the things, but if you can have a day where things are easy and no one is worn out before the session even begins, you are going to have such a more relaxed session for yourselves. Get everything ready the day before so you’re not running around like crazy the day of the session. Don’t do playdates or a full day at the pool. Just take it easy as much as possible.

These images are a mix of sessions that were just relaxed because they decided before hand they were just going to go with it and sessions where it was less than relaxed. Beautiful images either way, but the experience can always be so much better for you when you get to relax and truly enjoy your family as they are.

So much love,


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