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2009 | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Photographer}

Grab a snack and sit back...this is a long one! There may be a little gift at the end. As I'm finally getting use to writing 2010 on my checks, I think back to 2009 and reflect on the good, the bad, and the plain ol ugly. It was my first full year as a full time professional photographer. It seems like things have moved so fast. Sometimes I feel like I've made every mistake one could possibly make in one year. But with every mistake, I've kicked and screamed and thrown my hands up in the air I've learned. I've grown.  It doesn't hurt that I have the most amazingly patient clients ever.  They have allowed me to figure this crazy thing out (not that I have...or if that's even possible). There were days that I felt lost and days that I felt I had it all together. In the end, I know my clients better, I know my business better, and I know myself better. Realizing along the way that the best way to do anything is stay true to yourself. I know...it sounds so cheesy, but it's true. No matter what, I want to share. Share who I am. Share my love for photography. Share in your special moments. Share in your little moments. Share what I see. Share all those things that make your family unique. This is something that has not changed from the beginning and will not change. My main goal will always be to capture a moment. One of the things I missed out on this past year was the sharing of me to you. I got so busy and so wrapped up in our life and the business that I didn't connect as much as I would like. So, here I am. I know...you're so excited right? Woot woot!   Well, here's me sharing  my MOST favorite of the favorites from 2009 (yeah...I know...I'm great at that whole narrowing down thing)....


And here's a video to view even more of my 2009 favorites!

 If you are unable to view this or would like to see it larger go to http://www.priscillabphotography.com/slideshows/2009favs/ 

Now for a few of my favorite MOMENTS that I have been wanting to share.

First...The Pings...This family is one of my favorites. I love their style, each of their personalities, and that I've been with them since Abby was 1. I love watching them grow. I love that Scott gets so excited that he will email me or facebook me a million times asking, but he immediately makes up for it when he posts their slideshow a million times. And I mostly love that little miss Abby drew me a pretty picture before our last session. FYI...I still have it up (I keep everything "my" kiddos give me).

I think the storyboard below will tell the story well...


 Second...I know I've already talked all about this, but I can't talk about most memorable moments without at least showing this one more time... 


 Third...this is from OCTOBER! I was suppose to share it way back then, but of course time got away from me. I was beyond thrilled when Skirt contacted little ol me to be featured in their "Secrets" issue. My "secret" was taking the perfect picture of your child. I actually had MY picture taken by the fabulous Carla Winn (before they moved to Seattle :(). FYI...I am much more suited for being BEHIND the camera. Another quick little factoid about me...I LOVE jean jackets. I own 3. Yeah...it's sad.


Finally...ALL CLIENTS FROM 2009 OR EARLIER...thank you for your patience. Thank you for allowing me to be myself. Thank you for sharing your family with me. Thank you for making me a part of your life. I am eternally grateful for you. As a little thank you, each and every past client (one offer per family), may choose from one of the following:

  • Buy one get one free on gift and wall prints from a past session. Perfect time to complete that wall gallery! Good through the end of February.
  • Book a session before the end of February to take place no later than April and receive $50 off Session Fee. Session must be booked no later than Feb. 28th.

 Looking through my blog, you may notice lots of exciting changes, including MONTHLY MINIS!! That's right. The fabulous mini sessions that were once only offered twice a year are now offered once a month! Go HERE for more information. So many things that I'm very very excited about! More details coming soon :)

Peace, love, and xoxo,


I Wear My Sunglasses... | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Danville, KY Senior Photography}

This is completely out of order, but I just had to share a few pictures from my last Senior session of 2009. I abosolutely adore Sarah's quirky personality and style. I was beyond thrilled when she showed me these glasses :) And I knew these would be some of my favorites from the session. I swear something about her sense of humor reminded me of Juno (which is definitely a compliment from me because I LOVE Juno). Then I snuck a little peak at her facebook (I promise I wasn't stalking) and the first movie she lists as a favorite is JUNO! I have had lots of fun senior sessions this past year and I can't wait to share some of the images. I'm working on a *little* surprise to show some of my favorite images from the year, especially the ones you missed out on since September :) Until then, here's just a taste of one of my favorite senior sessions!

Thanks Sarah for putting up with all my silly requests and letting me chase you around on Main Street in Danville!


oh summer...where did you go? | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Child and Family Photographer}

Hello blog readers...I have missed you so! You have been very neglected! I have many many many things to blog about, but for now, I am just going to overwhelm you with lots and lots of images from "recent" sessions. I will probably do a couple blog posts like this and then hopefully back on track! I am determined! I apologize for the lack of writing through out the rest of this entry, but hopefully the pretty pictures will make up for it :) Yes? James and Marissa's Wedding...Gorgeous...happy...sweet...and fun :)




The Harris Family :) This is in my home town!



Corbett family. Oh my! Such a fun fun family!!! lol. This first one I asked who had the stinkiest feet :)






Randi and Matthew. Um...wow! Yeah...they are gorgeous. So, I have to admit. The first image may be my favorite engagement picture of mine ever :) Okay...I have a thing for half face pictures!



Cynclair...happy happy girl! Such a little fire cracker! And her name! I love it!



Smith family...I believe I captured my favorite sibling pictures ever at this session! These girls were silly...happy...and oh so much fun!



Angie and Andy's wedding. I swear...I have had the best weddings this summer. I haven't even been getting so nervous I am sick before! Angie and Andy are such a sweet couple. I honestly had a blast at their reception! They even asked for a picture with me!!! 



I love Chas | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Danville, KY Photographer}

One of my beautiful sister-in-laws (just wanna take that "in-laws" part off because both of my sister in laws feel like sisters :)). Talking about the sweetest, kindest, most giving person ever...that would be Chas. I was so excited when she wanted to do pictures because this meant that maybe I could show her how beautiful she is and the glow that we all see. I'm so excited that we got to go play! She did such a great job at putting up with my silly requests :)... like giving me attitude...



Look at those eyes!


I don't know if Chas will love this as much as I do, but for me, this is my absolute favorite. I can just hear her laugh when i look at this and she has the BEST laugh. This just makes me happy.