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summer session & schedule update

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Hi, friend! How are you? I mean…sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself when all I really want to do is sit down across from you on a couch (wine or coffee or hot chocolate optional) and chat about your day…your really how you’re doing. I mean I would truly love it if you told me how you’re doing. Not the polite conversation answer either. HOW are you doing? What is bringing you life right now?

Until then, here is just a little update on sessions right now. Did I tell you that summer is my absolute favorite time to shoot? Fall gets all the glory because of it’s beautiful colors and being just before the holidays. But summer is where it’s at. You can totally use images of you in shorts and short sleeves on a Christmas card. I PROMISE! I have…you know…when I actually get cards ordered and sometimes in the mail. Summer is all fun to me. I mean…sure…I sweat like I’m at the gates of hell, but y’all look good and we have a ton of fun…that’s all that matters.

limited sessions are scheduled every month
 I recommend scheduling your session as soon as you can so we have your spot reserved. 
Signature Sessions are by far the most popular session (and probably my favorite) and are what most have experienced over the years. We take our time and usually enjoy a bit of your home and a bit of outside or another location. We can really linger a bit and I can truly capture what your family's love looks like. 

4 sessions remaining
*FLORIDA beach sessions available last week of June
3 sessions remaining
*FLORIDA beach sessions available first week of July
7 sessions remaining
4 sessions remaining

july 13th only 1 spot just opened up

(new date added) october 20th only 2 spots remain


And, lastly…here are just a few images from a beach session I had a couple years ago. I love shooting at the beach. The imperfection of it and that light make my heart just melt into a big ol mess of joy. I have ONE beach session left (the last week of june or first week of july) and I also offer day in the life travel sessions any time of year! :) Just sayin…in case you want me to come with you on vacation…that can be arranged.

Please, if the images you see make you feel and you would love images like this for your family, let’s reserve your session. Click HERE to get your love filled session reserved today.

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Beach Sessions! Eeeek | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lifestyle Photographer}

That's right. The beach. One of my very favorite places. Most years we are lucky enough to travel down to the Tampa Bay area (Dunedin to be exact...just outside of Clearwater) for a nice little family vacation. Bret and I agree that as soon as we arrive, we feel like we're home. Does that sound strange? We feel so relaxed and so at peace instantly. Shooting on the beach, to me, is simply perfection. The light. The laid back feeling. Did I mention the light? Well, I'm absolutely thrilled to offer these sessions. I wish I could bring everything I love about the beach with me back to KY. There's just nothing else like it. I can't wait to feel the sand between my toes, have my hair go crazy in the wind, and listen to those waves.

Well, since we're on the subject, let's revisit some of my previously blogged beach pictures. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderfully talented friend that lives in FL. Many of you have probably seen the pictures she's done of my family. We always get together and shoot while we visit. This past year we missed out on the beach because of stormy weather (fingers crossed that doesn't happen this year), but in the years past we would visit the beach and she would photography Bret and I while I photographed her littles. Here are a few of my favorites that I've already blogged before. So ignore the border I have on my older pictures. :) I can't believe how much these babies have grown.

This was on busy Clearwater Beach. Let me know if you'll be in the area and would like a session!

Many thanks and SO much love,