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life passes us by in the waiting… until there is no more waiting to be done

“You are worth being brave.” -Brene Brown

I’m not one for too much small talk. Meaningful talks about things that truly matter fill my heart up to the brim. Being a witness to my friends’ pain and deep joy is truly one of my most treasured gifts. It’s also how I found myself laying back in a dentist chair, after my semi-annual teeth cleaning, talking to a close friend (also happens to be my dentist and the best one around) about all the things. Life, business, life-business, business-life. I felt myself get so fired up (southern talk for impassioned) when we started talking about why we all wait to capture life, and more specifically, to hire a photographer. Really, it’s not about the photographer. It’s about the waiting.

We wait. There’s the necessary waiting in lines and traffic and for the cable company to show up and for the day our amazon prime order is waiting at our door step. But what about the other waiting? We are waiting for everything to be “just so”. Waiting to lose those last ten pounds or the first…waiting to love our bodies. Waiting to have time to finish those home projects. Waiting for the landscaping to be done. Waiting to get through the busy body toddler years. Waiting for the braces to be gone. Waiting for sports schedules to slow down. Waiting for work to slow down. Waiting for the depression and/or anxiety to go away. Waiting for the stress to be gone. Waiting for this season of life to be gone. Waiting to feel worth it.

I have a secret to tell you…these pictures are not for you today. They are not for your family today. They are for you twenty years from now. They are for your kids twenty years from now. They are for your grandkids. You know what, you are not going to care about that extra ten pounds in twenty years, but you are going to care about your memories. I’m not just talking about hiring a photographer. I am also talking about using whatever kind of camera you have handy (yes…even your smart phone) to capture what is going on around you. It doesn’t have to look perfect. It just has to capture it. And…it doesn’t have to be everything and it shouldn’t be everything…no having the camera glued in front of you at all times. Just don’t wait to capture some of it. Use the camera you have nearest and just capture that feeling. Let go of the perfection and just capture it how it is.


Can you see that it’s beautiful? Stop waiting. Just see it. See what is in front of you. Push away the “clutter” of the busyness of life just for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and see what is in front of you. See those sweet curls as they bounce up and down (even if they are driving you crazy in this moment). See the beauty in the way they stand on their tip toes to reach their plate because they must do it themselves. See the beauty in you rushing to get everyone a snack before practice. See the beauty in the way they have batman riding a dinosaur and take a minute to wonder what kind of play they had made up in their heads. See the beauty of that pile of blocks…the mud from playing outside…the messy drawers…maybe even the laundry. By all means…clean it up if you want (I mean…it gets to me after a while), but take a minute to see it’s beauty first. Capturing in your heart, on your phone, on some other camera, or have a photographer to come over to capture all of it (okay…we will leave out the messy drawers).

You & your photographer, together, can capture your life so beautifully…just…exactly…the way it is.


It is hard. There are days we want to go by as quickly as possible. I get it. Sometimes the beauty is so much harder to see. Just make a promise that too much time will not go by before you or someone else captures it. You may not see the beauty today, but one day you will.

Now…for a “few” more images from one of my most favorites sessions last year that shows just how beautiful our every day can be.

Don’t let today go by without seeing the beauty in it.

So much love,


At Home and Keeneland with the C family | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY lifestyle family photographer}


She closed her eyes and breathed it all in. The way it felt to be snuggled in her mommas arms. It took my breath away. Her momma soaked in the snuggles and gave sweet little kisses upon her cheek. This is what love looks like. He was so grown from the first time I saw him as a newborn. He now had a room with hand drawn signs on the door. He loves making books…just like my sweet boy. He’s so big, but loves that he got to jump on the bed, loves being tickled, and, mostly, loves his momma and daddy’s snuggles. Jumping on the bed was a treat and they took full advantage. They jumped with so much pure joy. They made a family “sandwich” where they all piled on top and giggled until they couldn’t breathe. She would spin and spin and spin until she could barely stand. So free. Daddy snuck in sweet little kisses and played airplane with his baby girl while she sang “I believe I can fly!” They made daddy’s special popcorn and laughed with delight as the popcorn popped up out of the skillet and as the salt shaker twisted up and big rocks of salt fell into the bowl. They all devoured the popcorn…extra salt and all. Laura and Cory sat in their spots on the couch and held hands. She looked at him with all the love in her eyes I saw ten years ago. He smiled his great big smile and laughed a little at how it may be a little awkward with a camera in your face. The littles ran through the sprinklers, soaking in the last days of summer. I hope they always run through the sprinklers. {Side note: Grown ups, if you haven’t done this lately, just do it. You’ll thank me later!} A quick change and a quick drive lead us to Keeneland where they ran in the fields and snuggled and tickled and laughed in the golden light. She put her favorite little tutu on and silhouetted against the setting sun. It was perfect. More than I could’ve ever dreamed of when they emailed me for their first session ten years ago while I was still working another full time job. I could never foresee the beautiful sessions, the laughs, the long lunches that would happen over the years. Thankful. Always. Thankful.

p.s. I just sent out a newsletter yesterday with an update in my fall calendar. September, October and the very beginning of November are the best times to get images for the holidays. I have a few spots open in September and 8 in October. LET’S CHAT ABOUT YOUR FAMILY SESSION BY CLICKING HERE.

So much love,


one family...three years | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY family photographer}


a family lifestyle session in lexington, ky

There's something special about meeting people who are in the same stage of life as you, especially when you meet them in an ultra out of your box hypnobabies birthing class (which I loved, by the way). While most of our time together in class was spent relaxing to self hypnosis tracks, learning things about babies and the female body I never even knew (thanks high school health class), and giving our husbands back rubs (Bret's favorite part, of course), there was still this special bond there. When it came time for us to find a family dentist, I knew who I wanted to go to. Now, at least a few times a year, we get to laugh about our different birth experiences, how we were terrible students, how I'm horrible at dental care, the silliness that ensues when I need gas to calm my nerves before any needles are used to numb my mouth, and enjoy the sweetness of how our lives have changed over the years. 

I love watching Sarah and Ben with W and S and I especially love watching W and S grow and see their sweet little personalities bloom. W will always be a mommas boy, but now you can see his independence all over him and how he looks up to his Daddy. This past year he was so excited to show off his room, but mostly his big cousin. S is a mix of a little firecracker and a bit of fairy. She's the epitome of the term "wild and free" with so much passion in such a little body. I love watching people who close their eyes to soak in a moment. S does this while dancing with daddy or snuggling with mommy. What I love most is that Sarah and Ben just go with it. Sarah calls our sessions unscripted and they truly are, all the way down to the clothes. We just see what unfolds and it makes for a very honest, love filled, lifestyle family session. Also, they have a little gingerbread house filled to the brim with unique artwork...quirky and dream. we go...three years of snuggles, giggles, dances, sprinkler runs, standing on daddy's toes, and one year of celebrating a special birthday...

So much love to you,

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 I have a ton of sessions to blog about. A more appropriate and extensive blog will be done later, but for now, here is a tease from my latest sessions. There's a bunch of pictures here, so enjoy :) Oh....and I have several weddings to blog about at a later date!