you know what I love about you | Georgetown ky family lifestyle photographer


We hiked to a clearing behind their house and found the perfect spot for lighting on this cloudy day…the first day of fall. They snuggled and laughed and snuggled some more. I watched as their hands found another’s. I gasped as I saw siblings holding hands without a prompt. The joy was thick. The love and pride they felt for each other was nearly tangible. She showed off her acting skills and he made sure we saw just how fast he could run. Then came my favorite part. Momma had each person answer questions about each member of their family. They took turns reading what every one had said about the others. They talked about what they loved most about each other and what makes them laugh and what made them feel loved and what they most loved to do with that person. My heart melted. They each lit up as they heard how loved they were. They each giggled when hearing how they make others laugh. This is what love looks like out loud. You could see it all over their faces. They knew, without a shadow of a doubt, just how loved they are and how much joy they bring to those around them. We hiked back up to their house as I was reminded so clearly that I really need to start working out. But I knew it was worth any hike. I got to witness their love and their joy. We wrapped things up with a little swinging and chatted for nearly an hour. I drove away with the sweetest thank you gifts and note and so much more love. I went home and snuggled my little family close and told them exactly how much I love them. Love inspires love.

So much love,


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