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ky family photographer in home and fall at shaker village

Years have gone by since one of my favorite fall sessions ever. I’ve been holding onto it to share and here I am, finally sharing it. Y’all…while am not even digging the new little bit of cold we have today, there’s just something about those fall colors and the nostalgia that surround them that gets me every year. This is probably the most “fally” session ever. You cannot beat Shaker Village in early November (or late fall, depending on the weather). Add in a family that is so full of love and joy, you pretty much have a photographers dream session.

We do what we got to do to make the session work. When their session started in home, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. Then, just as we were wrapping up the in home portion and about to head out into their backyard, the storm clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall. Not a bit of rain on the forecast or on the radar when I was on my way to their home. So, we did what we had to do, and rescheduled the second portion of the session. I always tell client friends not to worry because a session always turns out the way it was meant to. If that hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have done the second part at Shaker Village, nor would we have had such vibrant fall colors. I remember the way I felt leaving Shaker Village that day, after good bye hugs. My heart felt full. I love it when I have that feeling. I often have it at the end of sessions.

I’ve had the honor of photographing this family since D, their oldest, was just barely a toddler. Momma always gets everything just right before the session, but is never tied to perfection or anything being just so. She and F just focus on loving their family. The littles get to be themselves. They are fun and silly and oh so sweet and love each other dearly. Every inch of their home and their lives is filled with love. It’s in the slow cuddly moments and the chaotic moments. It’s all around. One thing I notice as I watch them from behind my camera is how much they appreciate this gift they’ve been given and truly soak it in. That nearly takes my breath away.

So much love,


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