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what my 39 looks like & my favorite things giveaway

As of this past Sunday, I am officially 39 and have began my final year of my thirties.

You know, I’m not positive what I expected from my thirties, but I’m pretty sure I had expected to have figured it all out. Ya know…so that I could slide into my “old” age with so much knowledge and understanding and just enjoy the rest of life. Right? Now, I think, each decade, perhaps each year, is about learning a different part of yourself. My teens were about growth, change, fun, and mistakes…lots of mistakes. My twenties were about discovering my love and what we wanted and didn’t want in life. My thirties have seemed to be where the real hard work came in. The deep down, soul discovering, work. I’ve realized that I’m not exactly like I thought I was. The me I thought existed was a lot less complicated. Always sweet and kind, slow to anger, knew what kind of momma she would be, knew what she would and wouldn’t do in a given situation, knew she could do anything she “set her mind” to, knew she could just simply choose joy, knew what kind of wife she would always be, knew happiness was everything, and thought she had fought through the hardest. The thirties me found that while I do strive to be kind and am a pretty pleasant person, I’m not quite as slow to anger as I thought…just slow to release anger and quick to shove all that negative stuff down (ah…but late thirties me is getting so much better at this). The momma I thought I’d be didn’t have to contend with postpartum depression. I truly mourned the momma I thought I’d be for a long long time. But now, most of the time, I celebrate the mom I actually am. I don’t always know what I would or wouldn’t do in a situation. I know that life is complicated and things just aren’t always so black and white. I do believe I can do anything I’m meant to do, but I’m not always meant for the things I “set my mind” to. Sometimes I can set my mind to something and then realize it’s not what I am made for. I believe in choosing love. There were days when anxiety and depression had it’s grip on me so intensely that choosing joy was not an option. I tried. Truly. It pissed me off so much that I couldn’t just freakin choose it already. Then one day I realized while I couldn’t always choose joy, I could choose love. I could choose to do something small to love myself or to love someone else. One small thing after another. Choosing love along the way. Being a wife, and romantic love in general, certainly is harder than I thought. It’s hard work, just like all the other worthy beautiful things. I also know that I will get out of it what I put into it. And it is one of the most worthy things I could pour my heart into. Instead of happiness, I strive for joy…joy which is a state of being and is always there no matter what emotion comes and goes…happy and full of joy…sad with joy in my heart…full of gratitude and light and love. While I would hope the struggles I’ve had would mean that the worst is behind me, I know that’s not necessarily true and the “hardest” could be just around the next corner…or it may not be…I may have already experienced it. I can choose to let the not knowing…the fear…hold me back…or I can let it remind me to live each day with as much love as I can muster and cover myself and all those around me with all the grace.


just a few of my favorite things give away

You all have made me feel so loved on my birthday that I want to pass on that love to you and share a FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS including…

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I can’t wait to share just a few of my favorite things with one of you! :)


So so much love,


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello there! This fall has been filled to the brim with lovely families, editing, editing, editing, and...did I mention editing? Which...has left little time for blogging. I have so much to share from my family's year...vacation, backyard fun, garden, Superman costume, football, and a visit from a General. What. A. Year. It has been blessed with so much joy...laughter...heartache...loss...soul searching and wrecking...giggles...snuggles...stories...dancing...play...growth...friendship...disappointment...and simple abundant gratitude for every bit of it. As I approach 2015 I have a clearer picture of what my business and life can do. I can't wait to share all of that with you in due time. For now, to each and every one of you who have read a blog post, liked a Facebook status, subscribed to the newsletter, shared your story with me, a session with me, or have supported me for all these years, I am thankful. I am certain that my story would not be where it is today or tomorrow if it weren't for you. You had a part of it all...however large or small...you had a part. Thank you. Thanksgiving Exclusives (until December 3rd)

Those of you who reserve your 2015 session by Tuesday December 3rd

Signature Session w/ Full Digital Collection- $850 plus sales tax ($650 savings!)

Signature Session fee only- $150 ($300 order deposit will still be due at the time of the session)

*Nontransferable and cannot be traded for cash

*Mini sessions will be changing significantly in 2015, so no specials on minis

Goody Bag Exchange (ready by December 15th)

If you have had a session with me in 2014, receive one 11x14 ($72 value) in exchange for a back pack or juggle bag filled with any of the following by December 15th:

-Nonperishable foods

-School supplies

-Holiday gifts (for boy or girl)

-Homeless Care Kit (some ideas can be found HERE)

-Foster Care Kit (for children moving between foster care homes...including fuzzy blanket, socks, house shoes, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, coloring books, and/or journals)

These will be contributed among programs and individuals through out Central KY

Everyone Has a Story

If any of you watch Hoda and Kathie Lee you may now have the "everyone has a story" song in your head. It's a segment of the Today show where they tell a story of one of their viewers, write a song for them, and do something wonderful for them. I love this idea and truly had no idea what else to call this. While I certainly won't be writing or singing any songs (trust me...it wouldn't be pretty), I love celebrating stories.

Stories are powerful folks. Words matter. Hearing "me too" matters. Feeling loved and celebrated matters. I view my job as a job of storytelling. It is my main goal. And I love your story. I see your story. I want to know more stories and I want to celebrate and document the beauty and harshness and perfect imperfection of story. True stories. Through photography.

I need your help to do this. We all know someone who's story inspires us, saddens us, gives us hope, or simply makes us hold on to the ones we love just a little bit tighter. I want to hear those stories and have the chance to give a gift that will last generations.

*If you know someone who's story, who's family, needs celebrated or just simply needs to be heard or captured, write to me and let me know. Every so often I am going to pick from these stories and give a session to a deserving family. With this session they will also receive a CD/flash drive of all the final images with unlimited personal printing privileges.

This is not something that will be announced on my website, so please don't be discouraged if you don't hear anything about the session. I will leave it up to the families if they would like to share. Unfortunately, not all stories will be chosen. Email me at priscilla@priscillabphotography.com for more information.


Soon to be family of 4 | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Maternity Photographer}

Soon they'll be a family of 4. I loved that momma wanted to savor and soak up and capture their last little bit of time as three. This reminded me of the moment Bret and I were walking out the door before going to the hospital to become a family of three. We stood in the door, breathed it in...and then left in a hurry with the next contraction. I absolutely love maternity sessions. I know mommas don't feel exceptionally beautiful, but they always are. Just look how stunning she is!


Sometimes there are tears in photography|Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington KY Photographer}

Let's talk about this session...that whole weekend...my job in general. As I was photographing this family (who, by the way, I've photographed and loved since they were a family of three), watching them simply be...be themselves...be calm, snuggly, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, silly...and I start getting teary. Yes...tears on a photo session...from the photographer. Don't worry...no one knew and it didn't disrupt the session...no blubbering photographer at the shoot. The thing is, something that many people simply see as taking pictures....no big deal...is so much more to me. It is truly an honor to stand in front of a family, with a camera in their face, and for them to completely trust me so much so that they just completely let down any guard they may have. I get to watch them just be. I get to watch them interact with each other. I get to watch the way they get each other to laugh and the way they snuggle in and the way their hands fit perfectly together. The way a child's head fits perfectly under their mommas chin and into her arms. The way a Daddy can simply threaten a tickle and evoke a multitude of laughs. The way siblings can "get" each other in a way no one else can...the way they can make each other giggle and the way they can make each other scream. The way families just seem to fit. Even on their worse days...even when they're stressed, running late, uncomfortable in front of the camera...they still fit. I can't help but see God here. And I...I get to witness this and, hopefully, remind each of these amazing people that even on their worse days, they have this. They fit. No. They belong. They. Belong. Is there any greater gift in the world than that? This is why I love photographing families. God chose me to do this. I...I get to be a witness to THIS. Goodness...it kinda takes my breath away.

I found myself thinking about all of this as I watched them walk over the rolling hills of Central KY, in the spot my husband and I had our wedding reception, at a time in my life that I am truly in love with my job, and tears welled up in my eyes. I stopped. Took a deep breath to soak it all in. Whispered a thanks to God. And continued photographing this family that I love. What a beautiful day/weekend it was.