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w family at keeneland | lexington ky family photographer {Priscilla Baierlein Photography}


sunset session | family of six at keenland in kentucky

Hi, friends! One of my goals, along with loving you and recent client friends through this little blog consistently, is to also share some of my most favorite past sessions that never got shared. This is one of my absolute favorites from last year!

This was my first time ever meeting the W family. I love when I feel an instant connection to a family. I felt like I knew momma M before we ever met in person. They brought me pure joy and my heart felt so full after. Like I was exactly where I was meant to be. The way they loved each other with so much joy and grace. The kiddos were up for fun and knew they wanted to play tag at some point during the session. They were patient with all of my requests for them to snuggle before tag. Sometimes you don’t know if siblings are really going to want anything to do with each other. They may say “ew” when you ask them to hug up or they may give each other a big ol bear hug and giggle. It’s just part of having a sibling. How lucky am I that they were happy to snuggle and laughed the entire time. My favorite part was watching how they all loved on their newest member of the family. Gosh…what love they have for one another. Each kiddo wanting their turn to hug her and have their picture with her. I watched as she ran her fingers in her mommas hair and had pure joy in her eyes as she was held by her daddy. My heart melted and I’m pretty sure I could’ve left there and adopted ten littles.

I have trouble describing the feeling I get after meeting and photographing families with so much joy and love for one another. Add on top of that feeling like they are old friends and you could spend all day with them…let’s just say I’m eternally grateful they found me.

Side note…this is why I love Keeneland. I use to shoot near the stables and paddock area (and still do sometimes), but now I mostly shoot in the big open field behind Keene Barn. It’s so easy to get to, it’s out of the way, there’s a big gravel road, but, mostly, I love it for this light…for the tall grass…and these trees. It’s the perfect spot for a sunset session.

Okay…now join me in falling in love with the w family. Be still my heart.

So much love,


PS…If you connect to the feeling of love you get from these images and you would like to have the same for your family, it’s not too late to book a summer session or too early to book a fall session! I would be so happy for you to book your love filled session HERE.

summer and schedule update | ky family photographer {Priscilla Baierlein Photography}


summer session & schedule update

central ky family photography

Hi, friend! How are you? I mean…sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself when all I really want to do is sit down across from you on a couch (wine or coffee or hot chocolate optional) and chat about your day…your really how you’re doing. I mean I would truly love it if you told me how you’re doing. Not the polite conversation answer either. HOW are you doing? What is bringing you life right now?

Until then, here is just a little update on sessions right now. Did I tell you that summer is my absolute favorite time to shoot? Fall gets all the glory because of it’s beautiful colors and being just before the holidays. But summer is where it’s at. You can totally use images of you in shorts and short sleeves on a Christmas card. I PROMISE! I have…you know…when I actually get cards ordered and sometimes in the mail. Summer is all fun to me. I mean…sure…I sweat like I’m at the gates of hell, but y’all look good and we have a ton of fun…that’s all that matters.

limited sessions are scheduled every month
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Signature Sessions are by far the most popular session (and probably my favorite) and are what most have experienced over the years. We take our time and usually enjoy a bit of your home and a bit of outside or another location. We can really linger a bit and I can truly capture what your family's love looks like. 

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*FLORIDA beach sessions available last week of June
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*FLORIDA beach sessions available first week of July
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4 sessions remaining

july 13th only 1 spot just opened up

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And, lastly…here are just a few images from a beach session I had a couple years ago. I love shooting at the beach. The imperfection of it and that light make my heart just melt into a big ol mess of joy. I have ONE beach session left (the last week of june or first week of july) and I also offer day in the life travel sessions any time of year! :) Just sayin…in case you want me to come with you on vacation…that can be arranged.

Please, if the images you see make you feel and you would love images like this for your family, let’s reserve your session. Click HERE to get your love filled session reserved today.

So much love,


there's beauty in the chaos | central KY family lifestyle photographer {Priscilla Baierlein Photography}


seeing the beautiful

family lifestyle photography

I have a secret…most sessions have a little bit of chaos to them. You think it’s just your family, but it’s not. It’s all of our families. There’s just a touch of wild there. Some more, some less, but almost always at least a little. And maybe not the biggest secret…I love it. I tell you it’s okay. I tell you I actually love the wild. But I see it in your eyes…you don’t believe me. You’re not sure how we could’ve gotten one good image in that whole bunch. You’re now counting down the moments until those wild babies of yours are asleep so you can remember just how lovely they are…or you are considering possibly giving them up. You are worn out. It was fun…it was wild…were there even any snuggles in there…you are now ready to collapse into your comfy bed.

Do you see how much beauty is in there? I do. I see you and I want you to see you. That every day chaos that comes with life is just as beautiful as those precious snuggles you get. Trust me, I’m a momma too, I know how good those snuggles feel. But, one day, hopefully long from now, it’ll all be gone and traded for something different…possibly a new kind of wonderful. You may long for the days of the chaos. It doesn’t make them any easier now, but there’s a sweetness there that I want you to be able to feel and I am certain you will feel twenty years from now. I want to capture what you look like…what your kiddos look like…right now, but more than anything, I want to capture what your love and your life FEEL like right now.

So, I say, let them be wild. Trust me. Trust them. It’s hard not to fuss at them when you know you want everyone smiling and happy and you’re just not sure if I’m going to capture anything from this. But, I am. Most of the images you see from me came from a little bit of chaos and a whole hell of a lot of love. Give the kiddos what they want, love…understanding…play…your calm(ish) in the midst of it all. Trust me…look how beautiful it is…

Oh, sweet friend, if you connect to any of this, if you want to capture and hold onto the beautiful in all your chaos, I would love to do a session with you. There are still summer spots left that my heart wants to fill with your family. I want to help you tell your love story for generations to come. Please stop waiting for everything to be calm or everything to be perfect. Summer is the absolute perfect time no matter what stage of life you’re in. Simply click HERE to get started reserving your love filled session.

So much love,


spring mini sessions | lexington ky family photographer {Priscilla Baierlein Photography}


spring mini sessions

Sometimes we schedule mini session dates and all goes as planned, the weather is amazing, the location is perfect, no one is sick, and we get such beautiful images as a result. Other times…well…we schedule mini sessions and the photographer (yep…me) gets sick, then it rains, then it rains again, and then no one’s schedule matches up…then you decide to just go ahead and schedule them individually and even get to shoot inside one of your favorite homes and in a beautiful field you’ve never been in and another field you’ve loved forever AND you still get really beautiful images as a result. I swear, every time I have to reschedule a session, even if it’s three times or even more, it works out the way it’s meant to be and just so so so perfect. Did you know I intentionally build my business in a way that I don’t have an overpacked schedule and reschedule sessions as needed? I never want to feel like I have to take a chance of making someone sick just to fit in this session or that someone has to come to a session even when they are sick or that we have to do a session in ugly weather. Now, there are super busy times that it’s harder to reschedule, but, in general, I don’t want to take pictures of people who aren’t feeling like themselves and I don’t want to go around getting babies sick. :) Now…I feel like I’ve been on a soapbox. I shall move on.

I guess you can imagine what I’m going to say next…each and every one of these sessions happened exactly as they were meant to. It’s more traveling for me, but, goodness, it was worth it. One happened in a field near a client friend’s home, another happened in a home, and the third happened in one of my favorite fields at Keeneland. I’m not sure if you can tell from looking at my website, but fields and in home sessions are pretty much both my favorite.

I have been photographing the McCormick family since there were only two sweet boys. I’ve watched their family grow through the years and watched those sweet boys be the best big brothers. All of their personalities get better and better each time around. And now they all have a baby brother to smother with so much love. When I asked them to snuggle and just love on each other, they did it so naturally. So calmly. I know the entire session felt crazy hectic to mom and dad, but, to me, it was just right. I love the chaos and the brief moments of calm in between. Sometimes they’re so fleeting that only I notice them, but they’re always there.

This was my first time ever photographing the Lennon family. Even after 10 years of family photography, I still get a little bit nervous every time I meet a new family. Those nerves quickly go away and it’s easy to see why with these little cuties. They had me cracking up. They were so much fun and so easy…I probably had a full mini session worth of images in the first five minutes. If you scroll down and see the picture of D (big brother) looking at his momma, it pretty much sums up the whole session to me. I mean…do you just see all that love? And sweet little E (little sister) is so stinkin cute. I love that we were able to capture her silliness and her sweetness (seriously…look at her sucking on her two fingers…cuteness).

I have loved the Pannell family since MK was just a baby. They are some of the absolute happiest people I know and it shows in their beautiful…absolutely perfect in every way…smiles and love for each other. MK is so grown up, sweet, and even mature. Little B is wild and SO much fun. I LOVE that I got to shoot in their home. Their neighborhood is one of my favorites in Lexington and seeing them at home just makes me smile. Plus, the doggy got to be in a few pictures. :) Have you seen Mom to Mom on WTVQ? My friend Sarah, aka momma of this session, is the host. She covers a wide range of topics that affect all of us parents and parents to be.

A few things I want to mention about the images below…first of all…check out those pictures of B when he was just a toddler. Some of my favorite pictures from Shaker Village…he was silly even back then. Second…the picture of their doggy is my favorite from the entire session and I have no idea why. Thirdly…first picture of mom and dad is their “pose”…the one we get at every session and the one I remember getting the very first time I met them and commenting on how great they are at it. See…look at those smiles. The second one…that’s me making them totally uncomfortable…asking Nick to whisper “sweet nothings” in her ear. I only ask you to do weird things that you don’t normally do to show sides of you that are harder to show when someone is in front of you with a camera. :)

Be looking for a mini session update coming your way shortly. After filling up all the mini spots for the entire year, I opened up one more day and there are only a couple spots left! Eek! To be the first to know and get all the updates, sign up for our newsletter HERE.

So much love,


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