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2018 year in review | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {lexington ky family lifestyle photography}

Hi, friends! Happy New Year? I have been a bit in hiding. Only peeking my head out a couple times online. I’ve taken the beginning of this year to dream, plan, and make lots of changes to this little business of mine that will help us better serve you with all the love we’ve got. More to come on that. First I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little practice I’ve been doing over the last few years where I take a look at the year that just passed and see what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what I’d like to change, the things I want to say no to, and the things I want to say yes to. I usually just write this in my beloved Powersheets or in my favorite journal. Now, I’m sharing it for my little corner of the internet world…which is kinda scary.



  • Bruce…I want to do a longer post about Bruce and his family. My heart breaks when I think of his life ending. And, at the same time, I am overjoyed by the love he brought to me, and to all those who heard his story. Bruce has touched so many hearts and he has forever changed me. I think of him and his family constantly. Being a small part of his story, capturing the most raw and heart aching love I’ve ever witnessed, is the greatest honor I’ve had as a photographer. I learned so much about love from him and his entire family. His love was loud and big and it showed up. He didn’t hide it away. He gave it away freely.

  • Steff’s snuggles…seriously y’all I will put this on the list every year until he stops snuggling. He is still so snuggly and sweet…when he wants to be.

  • Bret and I dreaming together about what we want.

  • Bret and I working on our parenting. Sheesh…when y’all said having kids was hard, I didn’t realize it was the actual act of parenting that was the hardest. I wish I had read parenting books instead of pregnancy books. We have been studying all things peaceful parenting because…well, we need all the peace we can find. We are a super sensitive bunch. I’m more sensitive and Bret’s more firey and Steff is the perfect combination of both. Gosh…what an awesome combination when he’s older. Right now we are all setting each other off. But we are learning and working our way through it. The absolutely beautiful thing about having kids just so happens to be the absolutely brutal thing about having kids…they bring out all the things you didn’t know about yourself. If you let it, parenting can help you become who you were always meant to be. You can grow up together. The journey is certainly a bumpy one.

  • Starting 20 minutes a day of just Steff and I time with him leading.

  • Finding something to help the anxiety and depression.

  • Our annual TN trip with our closest friends.

  • Being more involved in church and making new friends.

  • Watching Steff learn and grow through Kindergarten and the start of first grade.

  • A summer of learning in the garden. Didn’t produce much, but I sure learned a lot.

  • Traveling to North Carolina for a day in the life session.

  • Having a clearer vision for Priscilla Baierlein Photography.

  • The business coming to life during the second half of the year and being filled with so much love.

  • Growing our little team…Emily & Bella :)

  • Creating some of my most favorite work to date with so many I love dearly.

  • Having miss Marissa Noe create videos for our family and business!

the not so good…

  • Losing sweet Bruce.

  • Half of the year I spent with pretty deep anxiety and depression. I hate typing that. But it’s just another part of my journey. There were days it took the drivers seat. Finding something to help was such a gift. The darkness can be scary and feel so lonely.

  • Social media not being used intentionally. More mindless scrolling than anything.

  • Unhealthy habits.

  • Not being the kind of parents we want to be. We all deserve more.

  • The first half of the year being the slowest the business has seen.

  • More time on editing and not enough time on growing.

  • Not enough time spent with our extended families.

And with that…I bring you some of my most favorite images of 2018. I’ll be blogging more from 2018, but this is a glimpse into each of the year’s sessions. I cannot wait to see what we create in 2019!

These next three images may not seem like anything spectacular, but they are of me and sweet Bruce. Being the photographer, I took pictures of what I could. Us sitting together watching Scooby Doo and him holding my hand while walking down the steps.

Also, see if you can spot Steff in a couple of the images below.

You made it all the way to the end! Thank you sweet friend! I cannot wait to see what we create together in 2019! Soon I will blog more about my goals and all the wonderful changes for this year, but, for now, I’m sending you all my love and hugs!

Much love,


PS…Are you ready to book your 2019 session?

Travel sessions & a little schedule update

Side note...this post is just a little business/"house keeping". I'm sure you've noticed by now that I have made my way to your in box more often or noticed an increase in Facebook and instagram posts. I am trying to revive my little slice of internet space. My goal is to serve. With words, encouragement, love filled images, stories, and just a tiny bit of business updates. I want this to be a place for love. I am imperfect and may not always accomplish that, but that is the goal. With that in mind, I am figuring out how often to blog. What serves you? Right now, the plan is once or twice a week at the most. While leaving Instagram for the more day-to-day stuff. I don't want to be just more noise in your life. So, you tell me, what serves you best? While you're at it, is there something in particular you'd like to see me post about? 

First things first (for some reason I always want to say "I'm the realest" after that...thank you Iggy Azalea), a little schedule update...

-I leave Friday for my great Tuscany adventure and will be gone until the 30th. Safe travel prayers GREATLY appreciated. 

-I have a handful of June spots open before I leave for Florida for two weeks

-After the first week of July, things are pretty open, as is August (my slowest month) and September

-October is already booking up with the most popular dates completely filled

-Starting in August, my shooting days will be Thursday morning/evening, Friday morning, and Saturday morning/evening. 


Live outside of KY and would like for me to photograph your family? Going on vacation and want to be IN the pictures? This can happen one of two ways...

You can pay for me to fly (or drive, depending on the distance) there and photograph your family only for a Day in the Life session


If you have a few other families that may be interested please let me know because I will be adding a couple different locations to my calendar each year (and this opens your options up to a Signature Session as well and cuts down on cost with travel as it will be split between the sessions)


* Tampa Bay area in FLORIDA (Clearwater, Dunedin, Tampa, and everything else within 45 minutes of Dunedin) June 26th-July 7th

* Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA September (specific date TBA)

To Provence...and Tuscany | traveling lifestyle photographer

The smells of fresh baguettes and all the delicious foods at market (paella...rotisserie chickens dripping with goodness right down onto some fresh potatoes...mmmm). The tastes of jambon...and fresh cherries...and the most delicate chocolates...and freshest sweetest strawberries and oranges...the richness of the cheese...and the pastel meringues as big as your head (only slight exaggeration) that absolutely melt in your mouth...and oh the nutella (lol...yes...we smeared it on everything...even the meringue). The sound of horses walking down a country road and water flowing through the town and people bustling about at market and vendors offering a sample of their offerings and beautiful music filling the air. The view of the colors that pop out from every inch at market (yes...the market may have been my most favorite) and villages that peak out of a mountain or hillside and a nun riding down the road on her bicycle with her fresh baguette (and everyone with their bikes and fresh baguettes) and little bakeries and butchers and shops that filled the littlest of villages and clothes drying on the line and the older gentlemen sitting at the corner cafe for hours and the flowers and the history and a favorite little corner filled with herbs and tomato plants and flowers and the little surprises of beauty everywhere and fig trees poking out from the most random places and poppy fields (my favorite being one that included someone riding a white horse through it...yes that really happened) and tiny cobblestone streets and homes with blue shutters and pink roses. Mostly the slowness of the day to day and the laughter surrounding the table and feeling the love as each of our gifts were used to serve one another...a hand prepared meal most of new and old friends...a tiramisu and late night talks...videography and paintings and problem solving (which was greatly needed when the oil refineries shut down as part of strikes that were sweeping the country) and more laughter and cherries placed on our table each day and fresh olives and homemade wine and one of the most incredible meals ever prepared by ladies who run a winery....the people...the people. This is Provence France to me.  It was a year ago that I was gifted with the incredible job (Heavens...I get to call this my job) of traveling there as part of the "Dream Team" for two weeks. Now, a week from today, I get to do it all over again in Tuscany. Tuscany! Oh...I'm already in love. 

This trip and the last are about art and beauty and soul and the love of life and others and even more about service to others with the gifts each of us were given. I believe you would love to follow along on Dreama's blog and learn from her beautiful work and soak in her beautiful words. You can see all about Once Upon a Time in Provence (which opens back up in September) at

So much love to you,


Model Call



You know, one of these days I will start a blog post with something different than "I'm sorry it's been so long...", but, it seems, that may be my now. This is my season of filled with love and snuggles and preschool pick ups and squeezing in a couple hours of work here and a couple there with a sprinkle of photographing beautiful families on Saturdays. Soon enough (August to be exact) I will have more hours to work and write and shoot and days filled with a later school pick up, but it will also be with less day time snuggles and probably more tears from this momma.  There was a time when I worried and stressed about getting in more work time and felt that I had to be and do it all and a failure when I didn't (honestly that still happens some days), but now-a-days I mostly take the season as it is. One filled with more silly preschool boy antics and less work (more delegating). There are times when I take on more work than I can handle and times when I give into more of the snuggles and superhero wrestling matches and stories filled with witches and dragons and big bad wolves. I am reminded every day (thank you Facebook Memories) of how quickly life goes each season passes and prepares us for the next. I remember the days of praying and dreaming of this life I have now. One I am thankful for every that I feel ill-equipped for every that will pass too quickly. So, for today, I say "hey...I'm sorry it's been so long...". But maybe one day I'll be in your in box so often you get tired of me :) Nah...I promise I wouldn't do that to you. For now...I am mostly blogging when there's something important and am trying really hard to squeeze in more, but will not make any promises. 

So...what's the important thing right now? There are a couple things, but for todays blog post, I am looking for some cute little models! This is my second year working with this beautiful new company, Piccoli Horse. You can check them out HERE. Your little would get to show up, get pretty little clothes to wear, and play with a cute little horse while I take their picture. Their images may be used on Picolli Horse's website and other marketing materials.

We are looking for boys and girls, ranging in ages 18 months to 6 years, and all different ethnicities. Siblings up to 8 years old can also be involved. Parents will also be welcomed in some of the shots :) We love the interaction between parents and littles (clothing won't be provided for parents, we just ask you to wear soft color clothing with no writing). We currently have two shoot dates. April 21st we will need just a few kiddos for a smaller session in Somerset and then April 22nd we will have our big spring session at Shaker Village. 

If you are interested in having your little one or little ones be my sweet little models, please email me at with which date you'd be interested in and some information about your child.