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a family lifestyle session in lexington, ky

There's something special about meeting people who are in the same stage of life as you, especially when you meet them in an ultra out of your box hypnobabies birthing class (which I loved, by the way). While most of our time together in class was spent relaxing to self hypnosis tracks, learning things about babies and the female body I never even knew (thanks high school health class), and giving our husbands back rubs (Bret's favorite part, of course), there was still this special bond there. When it came time for us to find a family dentist, I knew who I wanted to go to. Now, at least a few times a year, we get to laugh about our different birth experiences, how we were terrible students, how I'm horrible at dental care, the silliness that ensues when I need gas to calm my nerves before any needles are used to numb my mouth, and enjoy the sweetness of how our lives have changed over the years. 

I love watching Sarah and Ben with W and S and I especially love watching W and S grow and see their sweet little personalities bloom. W will always be a mommas boy, but now you can see his independence all over him and how he looks up to his Daddy. This past year he was so excited to show off his room, but mostly his big cousin. S is a mix of a little firecracker and a bit of fairy. She's the epitome of the term "wild and free" with so much passion in such a little body. I love watching people who close their eyes to soak in a moment. S does this while dancing with daddy or snuggling with mommy. What I love most is that Sarah and Ben just go with it. Sarah calls our sessions unscripted and they truly are, all the way down to the clothes. We just see what unfolds and it makes for a very honest, love filled, lifestyle family session. Also, they have a little gingerbread house filled to the brim with unique artwork...quirky and dream. we go...three years of snuggles, giggles, dances, sprinkler runs, standing on daddy's toes, and one year of celebrating a special birthday...

So much love to you,

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