Embrace. Hug. Snuggle. Kiss. Hold. Breathe. Repeat | Lexington, KY Family Lifestyle Photography

If you are an email subscriber, with my little mix up last week somehow my last blog post didn't actually go out to your in box. I'd love for you to see because it was such a fun newborn and family session...full of bed jumping and pancake eating. Click HERE if you'd like to take a peak. 

"Embrace. Hug. Snuggle. Kiss. Hold. Breathe. Repeat." That's what I posted on instagram with one of their images because that's what this family represents to me. Love. They love each tenderly with a sweet embrace. They breathe in life and love. They savor. I don't know how hectic their day to day is, I know it gets busy like all of ours, but I can guess that even in the chaos they make time to love. Not just love as a feeling in their heart, but love as an action...love as a verb. I have photographed their family for four years and every single session, from the beginning, has been complete with savoring, eyes clothes to breathe it all in, hugs and kisses from every single member of the family, all the way down to the littlest...and even the dogs. With all that snuggling, there's still time for lots of laughs, tickles, bed jumping, ring around the roses, and me trying to convince them to have a dance party. 

L & L have this magical way of making a wish. They would turn away from me so I wouldn't hear and then they would clothes their eyes and say their wish out loud before blowing the dandelion. They savor their wishes. It was my favorite moment of the entire session. 

May all your biggest wishes come true, loves. 

So much love to each of you,