the craziness...the love | berea ky family lifestyle photography

It's always fascinating to me...watching families unfold their love, their story, their every day life that turns their house into a living...breathing...home. Each family is different and therefor each story is different...each home is different...each movement...each snuggle...each laugh...they are all different. And each family changes slowly, over time, almost unnoticeably. Until one day, after the rush of the day or a look around and your home is different...your story is different...your love is somehow...different. I am in awe. Every time. Sometimes it's all covered up by nerves or trying to be or do things a certain way...having expectations of how children need to behave in front of me...or fear of me uncovering the dust in the home and hearts. Covering up the true beauty that makes a family...a home...a story...the love. The beauty lies in the uncovering...the imperfect perfection of each family...each home...each story...each love. What a gift to be able to witness this. To be a mirror to it. To show just how gorgeous every single bit of it is. The dust and all. It happens during every session. Sometimes at the beginning and sometimes at the end when they think we are all done or until there's nothing left but to be...just be. That's where the magic lies. I promise to show you all of it. I promise to soak in every second of it. 

I have the privilege of knowing this family and photographing their love as a family of three and now as a family of five. Their home has changed...the way they love has changed...their day to day has changed. Things are "crazier" (mommas word :)) now, but, y'all, look at all this beauty.

When asked "what do you want to remember..." her response was "the craziness...the love". perfect. 

I knew my job was complete when I got an email with this...

"I look at them, and I totally go back to those exact moments.  Nursing while eating, tickles on the bed, a little boy and his silly hat, a little girl and her love of books and nailed it all!  It is by far my favorite session we've done!  Thank you for using your talents on my family.  We are so appreciative!


So much love to you,