Authentic | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Senior Photographer}

When her momma called and said that her number one request was to look real and to let those freckles show, I knew we were going to be a perfect match. You know some people you meet and they feel 100% authentic and completely shine happiness, beauty, calmness, and just pure joy? That's what miss M does. She shines. When she said she wanted to be an early childhood teacher, well, I knew she had already found the perfect career (seriously how does one find that before ever leaving high school...I didn't find mine until after college). What a blessing she will be to every single child. You can feel love just by being in her presence. This is a rare quality to find. I absolutely loved her session and every part of it. From her not-so-serious-face, to her giggle, and full body laugh. Every moment made me smile. 2014-11-04_00392014-11-04_00402014-11-04_00412014-11-04_00422014-11-04_00432014-11-04_00442014-11-04_00452014-11-04_00462014-11-04_00472014-11-04_00482014-11-04_00492014-11-04_0050

Many of you already know that freckles are my yeah....