Sisters | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Photographer}

You know a session is good when it includes lots of snuggles, laughs, play time and simply capturing them in their every day. When we talked about a session in their home I just knew it was the perfect place. Of course their home is beautiful, but an in home session can take place in any home. This is a true gift to their girls. A gift of memories of them playing where they play every day, snuggling where they snuggle every day. Doing things they do every day. These will last for generations as will the memories and the love...the story. Their story. I love the way this family loves. You can see it in the way they move together...look at each each other...with each gentle kiss. The girls WANT to be together. Big L is such a good big sister  and loves to love Little L. Little L looks up to her sister so much and only plays in Big L's room. Big sisters always have the best stuff...right? You can see the passion and love in their eyes and hear it in the calmness of their voices. It was such an honor to be in their home and witness they truly are.