Meet My Neighbors | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lancaster, KY Family Photographer}

Honestly, I use to be intimidated by large families. I mean...what was I going to do with all those people? But, now, especially after this session, I realize that it's only that much more love to photograph. Meet my sweet neighbors. The house that I can always hear and always makes me smile. I love the sound of their house. The summers are full of kids playing in the backyard, riding their bikes up and down the road, playing a game of basketball in the driveway. It's a sound that I miss in the winter...or at least on non snow days. On snow days I can hear them sledding in my backyard when I'm lucky. When they told me they were pregnant with the youngest I smiled and told them something along the lines of that just being more love I get to hear from their house. Their kids are seriously the kindest, hardest working, and hardest playing kids I know. They say please, thank you, call me miss Cilla. The older littles create jobs to make money and love doing it. They bake pies (seriously best pies I've ever eaten) to pay for ballet and a new bike, they take neighbors garbage cans to the curb and back, they rake leaves, mow yards, sale pumpkins, walk dogs, and have yard sales. And their momma...she has the best smile and laugh around. She is an open book ready to share her heart and would help anyone that needed it. She also knows everyone in Garrard County by name. She seriously knows everyones name. I am terrible with names so this impresses the heck out of me. She is warm and a calm in a storm. And teaches all of her babies from home. Daddy...well, he's a builder. He can build anything he sets his mind to. I'm pretty sure he could DO anything he set his mind to. He built their deck, put the siding on their house, built a playset in their backyard that has lasted over 20 years, makes anything out of pallets, and lead the project of making my sons enormous playset. This family...they love...they play...they laugh...they are tough...they are resourceful...they are They make me smile every time I see one of them at my door step. Momma said that they were going to be so hard to work with and that I was going to be ready for the session to be over. They didn't think there was any way that I would post something on the blog about not wanting the session to end. They were wrong. There was so much love I could have burst. They were easy to work with. And, believe it or not, A, I could've photographed you all into the dark hours of night and not complained...except for maybe about the lighting. 2014-11-04_00022014-11-04_00032014-11-04_00042014-11-04_00052014-11-04_00062014-11-04_00072014-11-04_00082014-11-04_00092014-11-04_00102014-11-04_00112014-11-04_0012




I love the pure joy and wonderment in this next one...


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