Thoughtful | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Photographer}

Oh goodness...first, can we just take a second to look at those little sweet! Another family that I have known for so many years. Since they were a family of 4 and their middle girl S was just a baby. I'm not sure that I know another family who all look so much alike. And I know that I've never had another session where the little brought up Jesus and we began a Biblical discussion. As G was running his fingers through the water he talked about how he wished he wanted to walk on the water like Jesus. I said that maybe we shouldn't try that. lol. But then he started blowing me away with his Biblical knowledge. Things that I only recently started learning. I have always admired just how sweet, loving, and thoughtful Momma A is. She came over and visited with me after I had Steff and while I thought I was going crazy. We have enjoyed lunches and talks and funny Facebook messages. Not only are her gifts always incredible and so thoughtful, but the wrapping is so perfect that I never want to unwrap it. Just another area that shows exactly how thoughtful she is. In every aspect of her life, she is thoughtful and kind. This family truly shines love and kindness and well, I am honored and thankful to know them!