Adored | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Child and Family Photographer}

I have loved this family since the first time I met them three years ago. I still had Steff in my belly at the time and admired how they took on a newborn. How they already felt like pros to me. They call themselves a team and you can tell that's exactly how they tackle the world. As a team. I was nearly in tears ( apparently I can be a bit emotional) reading what B wrote in their session agreement. I could feel how much she loved her family. We were both nearly in tears at the beginning of the session just talking about the session agreement and what she had said. I want to share one of my favorite parts. When asked what they want their kids to remember about their childhood..."So much. The biggest and most important thing is that they were adored. I want to remember the spur of the moment trips down to the fishing pond or walks on the farm we live on; trips we took; holiday traditions that we have with the tree hanging, pumpkin carving parties, etc; but really I just want them to know they are adored and everything decision in life since the moment I heard a heart beat on an ultrasound in 2010 has been to try to shape the best childhood we could provide." Yes...I couldn't have said it more perfectly myself. And that's what I see what I look at these photos. I see how much each person in this family is cherished and adored. They are loved. 2014-09-26_00012014-09-26_00022014-09-26_00032014-09-26_0004