A Bit of Summer and Fall | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Family Photographer}

Hi all! Happy September! Am I the only one who feels like this year is just flying by? It feels like just yesterday we were on our family vacation, listening to the ocean. Does anyone else crave the ocean on a somewhat regular basis? Maybe it's just being on vacation and how it slows life down for just a moment. This past week I sent out the Fall 2014 newsletter. You can see it online at www.priscillabphotography.com/newsletter/vol10. One thing will need to be changed, the October 25th mini session location is not at Centre College (due to homecoming and all), but instead will be at  the Henry Clay Estate in Lexington.


Another update on the fall schedule...

- One spot just opened up for the September 20th field minis in Lexington.

- There is one opening for the October 25th minis @ Henry Clay Estate in Lexington

- There is one opening for the October 26th minis @ Shaker Village in Harrodsburg

- Signature Sessions are being scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and a few Thursdays. There are a few openings left for each month.



Also please take note of the new "Giving Back Pack Program". Receive an 11x14 when you bring to your session a backpack filled with nonperishable food, school supplies, or holiday gifts (boy or girl).



Now my favorite part of the newsletter focuses on some of my favorite images this year. I have so many sessions still to share from spring and summer, but I wanted to skip ahead a little to share the beautiful words Stacey had about her session. I love this lady. Here's what I shared in the newsletter.

Our summer vacations in Dunedin, FL are among my favorite days each year. I long for it. My soul craves it. One of the parts that makes me the happiest is our annual family photos with Stacey Woods Photography. Stacey has become one of my closest friends over the years and each year she shares her beautiful talent and heart with my family. This past vacation I had the honor of photographing Stacey with her two incredibly cute, sweet, and kind daughters. The youngest is possibly Steff's future girlfriend.

Stacey says it best on her website and blog. This is how I feel about family photos and why they are so incredibly important. To me, there are few things so worthy of investment. This is what your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren...and so on...are going to be looking at. This is what they are going to know about your family. This is our history...our legacy. Anywho...I could ramble forever. Here's what Stacey has to say...

"Like most of you, my instinct is to shy away from the camera (not my side... your side). But this past summer, I had a little photo shoot with my daughters and absolutely LOVE the resulting images. Not because I'd lost those last ten pounds (I hadn't) or because my hair had just been styled (it hadn't), but because I was honestly delighted to be with them. I wanted my little girls to see how much I loved them, how much joy they bring to my life. One day when my children look back over these precious albums that we will pass down to them, I hope they still see the adoration in my eyes, the unwavering pride I feel for them, and the simple, perfect beauty of an evening spent together."

...and on her instagram...

"Oh friends. Schedule a photo session this very day and be IN the photos with your children, I beg of you. Even if you haven't lost those last 10 pounds (I certainly haven't). These aren't just for you anyway, in my humble opinion. Photographs are always for them. For someday. Don't let this time slip by undocumented."


Peace and so much love friends,