A Wedding at a Family Farm...To Come | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lancaster, KY Photographer}

So, I get to shoot THIS beautiful couple on THIS (um...see a few pictures below) insanely insanely beautiful farm. It's funny when they were talking about the location of the wedding I didn't put it together at first that it was THE house I admired every single time I drove past it...every single time I drove to Lexington...which is a lot. It has everything I've dreamt of in a home, including fields with tall grass and the most incredible sunset. I am pretty sure that they think I'm more excited about the farm/house than I am about the wedding, it's just that I'm excited about shooting THEIR wedding at a place I'm in love with and is special to them. Promise. Because they are pretty dang special. I knew I would love them as soon I spoke with J on the phone. She was warm and bubbly and made me feel loved instantly. They are a perfect match. So kind and completely smitten with each other. It's obvious just as soon as you're in their presence. I am excited for their wedding, but I'm even more excited to see where life leads them.