Life is a Great Reason to Have a Session | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Couples Photographer}

When I started going through my images set aside "to be blogged", I was in a bit of shock. I absolutely can't believe how many sessions I have to share. So much love I have to show. So many incredible people I've met and seen and spent hours with and laughed with and have been inspired by. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Cliche? Maybe. But oh so true. When talking about the sand in our cars at the beach, my friend Stacey said that someone told her that means we are doing something right...we are enjoying life. I'll take that to also mean when my sink is full of dishes, it means I'm out living life...also when time is flying by, it's because we are doing something right...we are living life. Is that too much of a stretch? Just go with it friends. Just go with it. Oh this couple. K & M had me from the session request form. K explained their love and the reason she wanted to do a session in such a way that I instantly loved them. I felt inspired by her love for life and her boyfriend. I loved the reasoning she gave for wanting a session. To me, it's the same reason any one wants a session and the reason everyone should do a session. Remember how that time flies by? We have to take the ones we love, the health we have, the joy we have, and hold onto it while we have it. Capture it in a way that we can easily relive it when we don't have it. It's truly the reason I started photography. I wanted to photograph all those things I love about life.

Here's a bit of what K had to say...

"These photos are 'just because...'  It has been laid on my heart lately that we don't take enough time to stop our lives and capture great moments of how much we love and appreciate each other. M is my rock. I'd like a few quality photos to carry around and frame, that say "THAT'S HIM." Every day he is there. Married or not who cares. I know he will always be there supporting me, laughing with me, and loving me. We need pictures to celebrate us."

There's so much to their story that I love and those who are close to them know and I am sure are as inspired by as I was. Meeting these two is a gift.