My Sister and Middle School | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Proud Sister}

Hi there! Well, in case you didn't know, we are officially back from of three weeks ago. Sessions have started back and I'm completely caught up from the sessions done just before vacation. It was beautiful and perfect...aside from the virus each of us had the first part of our trip. I'll do an official vacation post, but for now, how about some session love. I realized I haven't shown any of my sessions in a while and well, I have a lot to share. Perhaps the one I'm most excited to share is this one. My beautiful, growing up too fast for me, kind, old soul little sister, Myca. So many of you who have followed this blog forever have seen her grow up. In case you haven't been following along for long, you can click HERE to see one of the first photo sessions we ever had together. So much has changed with my photography skills and style since then, but even more has changed about Myca. For those of you who don't know, I have a very unique family make up. My birth mother had me at a very young age and my Grandmother (my Mommy) raised me from the time I was a baby until she passed away just after I turned 15. I have brothers and a sister from my birth Mother, but I wasn't raised with them, so we never were able to make that connection you get from living with someone, spending bedtimes, holidays, and many laughs together. When I was 15 I moved in with my uncle Mikie and aunt Erica. They became my Mom and Dad. The impact they had on my life is absolutely indescribable and irreplaceable. I feel so lucky to have had so many people who love me and were there to take care of me and completely transform my life. Mikie and Erica tried for so long to have a child of their own and weren't able to, until they stopped trying. I remember the call so vividly. I had a message at work that they were trying to get ahold of me and needed for me to call. Once I talked to them I just couldn't believe it. I cried tears of pure joy for them, but I don't think I ever had a clue just how much she would mean to me. Since Myca was born I was blessed with a sisterly bond that isn't like most and is absolutely beautiful. At the same time I gained Myca, I also gained Keisha. Mikie's daughter, who was going into high school at the time. Myca brought us all closer together. Keisha moved in and our bond strengthened with each visit home, each holiday spent together, each night we spent talking, each cry, each celebration, each disappointment, each thing we understood about the other that no one else did. Years later, we were all blessed with yet another sister, Macy. I know it was all so confusing for Myca and Macy to understand, but I think it's such a beautiful lesson they learned. Mikie and Erica eventually also brought another heart into our family, Chris. They have so much love to give and they give it out to so many who deserve it. Because of their love, we have learned that family isn't just blood. Family is so much more than that. We have a very unique family that is beautiful with it's imperfections. We know that love is what means more than anything.

Myca brought us all closer and taught us more about love. She has always been a kind, old soul. She is hilarious. She is sensitive. She is generous and authentic. She is now going into MIDDLE SCHOOL! What? As Myca goes into Middle School, I pray for her to see herself the way we do. We see the way she makes us laugh, the way she makes us love, the kindness in her heart, the way she thinks of others and wants to give to those she loves, the way she is strong and courageous, the beautiful hazel eyes...the beautiful wavy hair, the beautiful lips, the perfect little freckle, the way she crinkles her nose and her absolutely perfect crooked smile that I love seeing. I want her to show each of these things off and wear them proudly. There is no greater joy and beauty to me than when I get to see each of these. When I can see that smile, that real smile, I know she's happy. I know she's comfortable. I know she's in a situation where she feels confident. Myca I want you to show off that smile to everyone you see because when you do you are showing them so much more than just a smile. With that smile, they will see everything we love about you. That's a powerful thing my beautiful sister. With that, you can conquer anything. I was challenged with a lot throughout my middle school years. A lot I conquered with a smile, a laugh, and that same scrunched up nose (it is a family gift after all). I am proud of you. I am thankful for you. You are loved. You are so loved.


I didn't mention her style. Sister has style.


This's the one I want you to show to everyone. Everyone.