Family Visits | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

What happens when it gets super busy around here? I go silent online. It just happens. So, hi! My days lately have been filled with sessions and enjoying these beautiful spring days with family and friends. I'm not one to complain about I won't say how horrible winter was, but I will say how much I am so so excited for spring and summer! Eek! One of the things that makes me feel ultra special is when a client makes me part of their family visit or vacation. These clients started out as KY clients and I was so sad to find out they were moving, until I realized I would be made part of their family visits back to KY. I do love them...each one. I am always greeted with big hugs and usually get tiny flowers put into my hair. We play. We explore. A kept me on my toes this year. That means a lot coming from someone who runs and chases toddlers around, while photographing them, for a living. I loved it. I loved that he was having fun and exploring and being just as he was suppose to be. I'm just glad I was able to capture that curiosity and love for life that both of these littles have.

I promise lots more posts soon. Very soon. Until then....

2014-04-30_00022014-04-30_00032014-04-30_00012014-04-30_00052014-04-30_00042014-04-30_00062014-04-30_0007Peace and so much love,