A Little Bit of Every Day | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Photography}

A perfect session to me includes a bit of me following you around for your every day at home. Nothing is more precious to me than showing you the beauty in your every day. There is beauty in every single aspect of it. Sometimes it's hard to see when you're caught up in your day to day, but it's there. With every snuggle, every kiss, every tear, every bounce off the wall, every meal prep, every prayer...it's always there. One of my favorite authors and TED speaker, Brene' Brown, said that in her research she found that those who have lost loved ones miss the little things more than anything...their child slamming the back door as they come in from playing for instance. These are the things we take for granted and sometimes even drive us crazy. But they are the things we will most certainly miss one day. When I first started learning about photography, my goal was to capture the things I love, especially the things that wouldn't be around forever...the old barn on my drive to work that looked like it would fall down any day or the way the sun was setting on that particular evening. This is still my goal, but it's not just what I love...it's what you love and also what you sometimes miss in the quickness of each day. The C family is another who's been with me almost from the beginning. I was absolutely thrilled to get to photograph their morning before the actual "session". The kiddos weren't sure what to think when a lady with a big ol camera was butting in on their morning snuggles. But no one can resist a good snuggle with mom and dad even with a camera in the room. Even with me snapping away, it all felt so natural. This is who they are. This is a part of their lives that I hadn't seen before. I hope that looking at these in the future they will be able to almost feel the way it felt to have their arms wrapped around their babies.


Peace and so much love,